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Please note, we are no longer publish guest posts, only sponsored posts are accepted.

We always looking for new and fresh content and are happy to publish articles contributed by guest bloggers on topics of web design, web development, seo and online marketing. 

Sponsoring a post is a great way to share your expertise, reach a new audience and to let people know who you are. Sponsored post is also a proven SEO technique and can boost your website rankings in Organic search results.

Your backlink will be Do-Follow and permanent and will be located in the author bio section!

If you’re a Web/Graphic Designer or a SEO/Web Marketer and would like to share your knowledge or expertise with the readers of Big Apple Media, please contact us or email at: info(at)bigapplemedia(dot)com to submit your post for our consideration.

Sponsored Posts Information

We’re always looking to showcase new voices via our user and expert bloggers, and we’re happy to consider your writing for publication on our site.

We are interested in blog posts that are engaging, informative, entertaining, unique, personal, educational, persuasive and, above all – original

Submission Process

Editorial Guidelines


Currently, we accept articles, how-to guides, tutorials, and infographics covering the following topics:

  • All Web Design & Digital Marketing topics will be considered
  • Online & Inbound Marketing Tips & Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Growing Traffic Organically
  • Digital Marketing
  • Keyword Research
  • Marketing & Design Tools
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • No adult, gambling, cannabis articles

Additional Requirements:

  • The posts must be informative, objective, and useful to the readers of this website and must not be commercial or self-promotional as a whole.
  • Send your articles as a Google doc link or a Word document to info@bigapplemedia.com.
  • Please include visuals, graphics, charts, and video links related to your post.
  • Disclaimer: By submitting your content, you consent that all materials, including content and images, are not copyrighted, and you are legally authorized to use them.
  • Bloggers should fully disclose any and all past and present commercial relationships to companies and people mentioned in their post.
  • By submitting your post to Big Apple Media, you are granting permission for Big Apple Media editor to edit your post.
  • If your article meets our guidelines, we’ll publish it on our site with proper credit and links and share it on all of our social media networks.
  • We strive to keep content on this site informative and spam-free to benefit our users.  We have the right to reject your post if we find your content too commercial or too self-promotional, badly written or not fitting the nature or quality of our site.

By submitting your content you consent that you have followed all the rules and guidelines and that your content is original and is not copyrighted material.

Before submitting your post, please read our EDITORIAL GUIDELINES (PDF)