How To Find Customers Without Spending Any Money (Infographic)

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How To Find Customers Without Spending Any Money (Infographic)

If you think marketing is expensive, you are right, however, marketing can also be cheap and if you’re willing to try new things and be creative it can even be free. If you want to find out how to grow your business without spending a lot of money on marketing check out this great infographic from QuickSprout.

Some of the ways you can get clients is by building traffic to your site and improving conversion rates. However, you won’t succeed unless you have a quality product or provide stellar services that actually deliver value to your customers.

Once you have a valuable product or services you know your customers will love, you can apply following strategies to gain more clients: post and advertise on free sites. Posting on free boards such as craigslist or answering questions on

– Post and advertise on free sites. Posting on free boards such as craigslist or answering questions on Quora, can get you a lot of attention if you do it consistently.

– Another way to bring customers is to encourage others to share information about what you offer by word of mouth. This can be done by creating giveaways and posting exciting and engaging content on your own blog, as well as offer guest blogging on other popular blogs.

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– You can also build your brand recognition by participating in Facebook and LinkedIn groups related to your product or service. Typically people who engage in these groups are very passionate and earnest and if you participate and interact frequently by answering questions and sharing content, it’s likely you will build a network that will help you build your brand recognition over time.

– And finally, one of the most well known and popular ways to bring in traffic and get customers without spending money is by utilizing organic searches.  Which means you have to spend the time to learn and apply the latest SEO strategies. Having a well-optimized website that uses valuable keywords describing your product or services can bring you extremely valuable organic traffic which you can then try to convert into loyal customers.

These are just some of the ways you can promote and market your services and products without spending any money.

Below is infographic covering some of these and other ways to get customers without spending any money.

How to Get Customers Without Spending Any Money
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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