Tool Spotlight: Smallpdf. All in One Free Online PDF Converter.


PDF is one of the most popular and universally shared file format available today. Everyone has a pdf reader and can easily view pdfs. You don’t even need to install a plugin to read pdfs in a browser.

It’s truly a great format for reading and sharing documents.

However, one of the main problems with PDF is the fact that it’s hard to modify them. Unless you have Adobe Editor or the original file which was used to create the PDF, making changes becomes problematic. So if you don’t have the original Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign file which was used to generate the PDF you out of luck.

Luckily there are many tools to help you bypass this problem. For example, if you need an online tool to convert PDF to Word, you can use PDF to Word Converter Online or PDF Online converter tool. There are similar tools to convert PDFs to different formats.

They’re great tools, but for this post, rather than listing different PDF converters that are available I want to spotlight a single tool that does all types of pdf conversions and does much more.

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The tool I’m referring to is called Smallpdf. To be more accurate, rather than a tool, it’s a website that includes a set of tools that let you work with PDF files.

Recently the client asked me if I could update a PDF that was locked. Typically if you don’t have a passport you can’t make any changes. Fortunately, I knew about SmallPDF and I was able to simply upload and unlock PDFs I needed so they could be edited.

This is just one example of what Smallpdf can do. There are many additional features you might find useful.

Some of the most in-demand pdf conversion tools you will find on this website include pdf to editable word converter, pdf to excel converter, pdf to jpg converter, pdf to powerpoint converter, jpg to pdf converter. But there are many more extremely useful features. It’s truly the swiss knife of PDF documents. All the tools are free and are easy to use.

Below is a full list of all the tools and features of this free online PDF editor converter.

Compress PDF – Reduce the size of your PDF without losing quality

PDF Converter – Convert Word, PowerPoint and Excel files to and from PDF

PPT to PDF – Convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF documents

PDF to PPT – Convert PDFs to editable PowerPoint presentations

JPG to PDF – Transform JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF images to PDF

PDF to JPG – Extract images from your PDF or save each page as a separate image

Excel to PDF – Convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF documents

PDF to Excel – Convert PDFs to editable Excel spreadsheets

Number Pages – Insert page numbers in PDF

Delete PDF Pages – Remove one or multiple pages from your PDF

Edit PDF – Add text, shapes, images and freehand annotations to your PDF

Word to PDF – Convert Word documents to PDF files

PDF to Word – Convert PDFs to editable Word documents

Merge PDF – Combine multiple PDFs into one unified document

Split PDF – Extract pages from your PDF or save each page as a separate PDF

Rotate PDF – Rotate one or all pages in your PDF

eSign PDF – Create your signature, sign your PDF and request people to sign

Unlock PDF – Remove password, encryption, and permission from your PDF

Protect PDF – Add a password and encrypt your PDF file

pdf to word converter online free

Smallpdf is also extremely simple and easy to use. All you need is upload the file and this online pdf converter does the rest. This PDF converter works great and does an excellent job converting and performing and does it fast. You can even compress, merge, split and edit your PDF files.

As you can see it’s a smallpdf is a great website for editing PDFs with many useful tools. You can now edit and convert your PDF files, let other eSign and password protect your PDF files. You don’t need to scour the web looking for different pdf converter tools. You can use this free online PDF converter to do everything you need in one place.

Let me know if you like this tool or if you have another pdf tool you like to recommend.

Link: SmallPDF Converter Website

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