My Favorite Web Design Podcasts You Need to Listen To in 2018

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My Favorite Web Design Podcasts You Need to Listen To in 2018

I’m sure by now everyone heard of podcasting. Podcasts are seeing a huge growth in popularity in recent years. Don’t believe me, check out these 11 Critical Podcast Statistics of 2017.

Podcasts can be interesting, entertaining and you can always learn something new from every episode. They’re also great for people who are extremely busy, but still want to know what’s happening in their field. This is particularly true for people who work in the area of web design. Technology and web are evolving at meteoric speed and podcasts are a great way to keep up with all the latest changes that are taking place.

In this post, I’d like to share a few of my favorite web design podcasts I listen to daily or weekly, that I think you will enjoy. The shows on this list cover a variety of issues and topics, but mainly they are geared towards web designers and front-end developers.

In the upcoming posts, I’ll be sharing my other top favorite shows from various categories including freelancing, entrepreneurship, building and managing web agencies and WordPress development.

If you interested in marketing, take a look at the list of my favorites online marketing podcasts I shared previously.

If you’re looking for a great app to listen to podcasts, I personally recommend Stitcher. It’s free and easy to use. It also allows you to save individual episodes so you can listen to them later, even when you’re offline.

Below is the list of my favorite web design podcasts you should definitely try to check out if you haven’t done so.

1. Resourceful Designer

( Stitcher )

Mark Des Cotes offers tips, tricks, and resources to help streamline your graphic and web design business. Great advice from someone who is in the trenches every day dealing with graphic design clients. Great practical advice for graphic designers of every level.

2. Developer’s Tea

( Stitcher )

Developer Tea exists to help driven developers connect to their ultimate purpose and excel at their work so that they can get better at what they do. With over 7 million downloads to date, Developer Tea is a short podcast hosted by Jonathan Cutrell (@jcutrell), CTO at Whiteboard.

3. Shop Talk

( Stitcher )

ShopTalk is a podcast about front-end web design, development, and UX. Each week Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert are joined by a special guest to talk shop and answer listener submitted questions.

4. Design Review

( Stitcher )

A bi-weekly podcast about products and design from a unique perspective! Your hosts are Chris Liu and Jonathan Shariat. Each episode, we discuss important design principles and connect it to our own experience working in the field. As designers passionate about our field, we hope it will be interesting and informative, along with entertaining! So join us here for every show!

5. Learn To Code With Me

( Stitcher )

The Learn to Code With Me podcast, created by Laurence Bradford, is for aspiring techies and self-taught coders looking to transition into the tech industry. Want actionable insights on how you can get paid for your coding skills? Then it’s the show for you.

6. Non-Breaking Space Show

( Stitcher )

Weekly podcast seeking out the best, brightest, and smartest creatives to find out why they do what they do and how they did it.

7. The Big Web Show

( WebsiteRSS )

Affordable Web Design & Marketing

The award-winning Big Web Show features special guests and topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more. It’s everything web that matters.

8. The Deeply Graphic Design Cast

( WebsiteRSS )

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Infographic by Podcastinsights

2017 Podcast Statistics

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