Everything You Wanted To Know About Domain Names But Were Afraid To Ask (Infographic)

Everything You Wanted To Know About Domain Names But Were Afraid To Ask (Infographic) 1

Everything You Wanted To Know About Domain Names But Were Afraid To Ask (Infographic)

What are domain names and why you need it?

Domain Name System, or DNS, is the naming system used for creating user-friendly names for web servers and web pages. A domain name is your website name. Once you purchase and register your domain name, instead of being able to access your site online using server ip numbers, you can now use your domain name instead. This makes it easy for everyone to remember and access your website.

What you need to know about the domain lifecycle.

Thousands of domain names are recorded in the registry every day. Most domain name acquisition starts in the same manner for most if not all domains, they all start off in a similar manner – they were all once available for registration and are expected to expire at some point in time. For those who are interested in acquiring a domain name, the concept of a typical domain’s lifecycle should be understood before one makes a purchase. This article will briefly cover what happens between the registration and deletion of a domain name. You have a better chance of acquiring a domain name that is on the verge of deletion or may have accidentally expired by getting to understand the lifecycle of the domain name based as informed on website builder.

Available Domain Names

The first stage of any domain name is its availability. At this stage, the domain name has not been leased to anyone or registered by any entity and the domain name is available. The step one needs to take is to use a registrar for the availability of the domain name and go for it. Domain names are usually available for registration for a period of one to ten years.

Registered Period

The registered period is the time which a domain is active and payment has been made for. If you are not currently satisfied with the registrar, a minimum 60 days contract should be adhered to before a transfer can be made if need be. Also, it is advisable to renew the domain name if you wish to keep it for a longer period.A notice is given by a majority of registrars before a domain name expires. This makes it easier for one to renew the domain name early without having to face the hustle that follows once a domain expires.

Expired Period       

This simply means that all services related to the domain name are put to an end. In this period a domain name transfer to another registrar is not possible unless it is renewed. The grace period or redemption period follows after the expiry, this period may last up to 30 days depending on the registrar and extension period. If your domain has not yet been auctioned, you may be able to renew the domain name at a regular rate without having to pay a penalty. Regardless of renewal failure, the domain name still enters the redemption grace period.

Redemption Period

After a domain has expired and the expiration period comes to an end, a 30 day redemption period.During this phase, all information about the domain is deleted by most registrars. After this, the domain is then removed hence making it expensive to recover again. The set back during this period is that most registrars tend to charge a lump sum for one to be able to reclaim the domain.

Pending Deletion Period

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Pending delete phase comes in if the domain is still not renewed in the redemption period.This period usually lasts for about 5 days, after which the domain gets deleted and is now termed ‘available’ to the public for registration.

Deleted  – Try to renew as soon as possible 

At this stage, the domain name has been deleted and is available to anyone for registration. To avoid deletion, the best action to take is to renew it at the earliest moment.

Infographic courtesy of  Website Builder

Everything You Wanted To Know About Domain Names But Were Afraid To Ask (Infographic) 5

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