Effective SEO Tactics for Ranking New Content. SEO Checklist Included.

how to rank well in google seo tips

When creating new content, you probably often ask yourself these questions:

  • How long does it take Google to start indexing and ranking new content?
  • How to format your content for the best chances of ranking quickly?
  • What features will help my content to rank higher long-term?

Fortunately, there are a number of useful SEO tips and tricks to help you speed up ranking your new content.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the proven SEO strategies to help get your content indexed quickly and talk about each one:


A sitemap is one of the most important tools when it comes to ranking content of your entire website. With a sitemap, you are telling Google to look through your entire website and find new content that’s been added since the last time a sitemap was submitted.

So, how to submit Sitemap when working on new content?

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After publishing your article, add it to a XML sitemap and submit to Google Search Console!

This is extremely important for websites that are new with few links and low domain authority score. This is because Google tends to crawl these sites much less frequently than well-established sites that been around for a long time.

To make Google notice, you can speed up the indexing by submitting XML sitemap using Google Search Console.

Effective SEO Tactics for Ranking New Content. SEO Checklist Included. 1
use Search Console to submit sitemap

Bonus: If your website was designed using WordPress, there are many plugins available that create and submit XML sitemap to Google automatically. My favorite plugin is Google XML Sitemaps. It’s one of the plugins I install on every new website.

Internal Linking

Connecting your pages and blogs is definitely something you want to do on your new website!

How does internal linking help SEO?
What is the best internal linking strategy?
How to setup internal links on a website for the best impact?

These are all good questions to ask.

The best strategy for internal links involves connecting your most popular blogs to newer content. Check your Google Analytics and find what articles are the most popular on your website. Then link them to your newer, less popular content to pass some of the SEO juice. The more links the page has the better the chances of it getting ranked in Google.

Effective SEO Tactics for Ranking New Content. SEO Checklist Included. 2
use internal links to connect your content

You should try to put at least 1-3 links inside your posts interlinking your content to make it easier for Google to find and index your new content.


Are you wondering if Google already indexed your page, but don’t know how to check?

To find out, get familiar with Google Search Console and use a feature called URL inspection.

Effective SEO Tactics for Ranking New Content. SEO Checklist Included. 3

If URL is not on Google, all you need to do is click on the “request indexing” link to speed up your process of ranking new content. 

You can also check how many pages on your site are indexed by Google already using search engine itself. You can see this by typing site:yourwebsite.com into the search box

find ranking pages on your website
use “site: yourwebsite.com” to see how many pages Google ranking

Meta Tags

While helping other companies with SEO basics, we often find them not providing accurate and optimized titles and meta tags. Don’t forget to optimize them because it will determine how many people click on the links which can impact your rankings by increasing your CTR.

Effective SEO Tactics for Ranking New Content. SEO Checklist Included. 4
Pay attention to titles and meta descriptions

If you can create an interesting and intriguing title tag and meta description, you’ll experience a boost in your CTR. Google notices when more people click to read your post, and will push the links that get higher click higher in search engine results, resulting in higher rankings.

URL Length

Having keywords inside URLs is not as important as it used to be. So don’t waste too much time crafting a perfect url. That said, it still a good idea to keep your URLs short, descriptive and easy to remember.

If you’re looking for more guidance, here is a nice overview from Moz SEO Experts about formatting URLs

So why should you pay attention to the length of your URLs?

If you have too long URL it will get cut off in Google search results. Urls should be for users. Users decide whether to visit the website or not, by looking at the Title, Meta description and the keywords inside the URL. Keeping URLs short and descriptive helps users get a better idea of what content is about.

All these factors help increase CTR or click through rates which can boost your rankings based on how many people decide to check out your content.

Below is an SEO checklist to help you remember what to do for ranking new content:

Effective SEO Tactics for Ranking New Content. SEO Checklist Included. 5
  • Sitemap – tell Google you have new content on your website
  • Internal Linking – don’t forget to connect your pages
  • URL inspection – speed up the process of indexing your page
  • Meta Tags – work on your title and meta tags and boost your CTR (click-through rates)
  • URL length – keep it descriptive & short

6 SEO Tools to Help You Rank Higher

Google Search Console – If you want to know what people are searching for and how they coming  coming up to your website, Google Search Console is the right and FREE tool for you!

PageSpeed Insights – Check page speed on all devices and also, PageSpeed site provides the newest info connected with Google algorithm update

SEO Analyzer – make website analysis report, find SEO errors you need to fix in order to increase your rankings, check all backlink and check site speed to improve your conversion rate and also rank in search engines.

Google Trends – can’t decide between “ecommerce development” or “Magento ecommerce development” use Google Trends to predict what your keyword should be.

XML Sitemap – online generator when you need to quickly create a sitemap for a small web site (up to 500) pages. There are different options, based on your needs. Definitely worth a try!

Yoast SEO – Ideal for editing and fixing your title and meta tags! The most popular WordPress plugin for SEO – easy to integrate and easy to use!


The following tips will help you rank new content on Google. By submitting a sitemap, connecting your existing content and following other strategies outlined in this post, you can speed up the process of indexing your new content.

Use SEO tools we included to help you improve your SEO and Google rankings. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list, check out our growing list of free SEO and online marketing tools we recommend.

Use our SEO checklist to remind you what to do when you create new content!

As an IT development agency that focuses on developing apps and websites, we often offer useful advice and tips about ranking new content to our customers. With our checklist, their content reaches good ranking and so can yours!

Author bio: Ana is a marketing manager at Factory.hr – mobile development agency that provides fresh design and high-performance applications that people can’t stop talking about.

Ana loves traveling, good music and reading everything and anything connected with the new technologies. Besides new technologies, Ana follows topics in business and economy.

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