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css, html, photoshop, Wordpress

Steviva Brands is one of the premiere manufacturers of natural sweeteners, founded in 1999. They make natural sweeteners that are GMO-Free, Pesticide Free, Petrochemical Free, and Gluten Free. Their products not only taste great but are much healthier than regular sugar and are used for cooking, baking or as a sugar substitute in coffee or tea.

Their CEO saw our previous work, and hired Big Apple Media to build a similar website for their company.

The Brief

Steviva needed to improve their brand recognition, update their website and to drive more traffic to boost their online sales. Their old website was outdated and hard to navigate. Many pages were poorly designed and there were many broken links.

It was critical to create a website that was beautiful and easy to navigate. But more importantly, the site needed to increase the brand awareness, accurately portray the company and its mission and also educate users on many benefits of using natural sweeteners leading to more online sales.

What We Did.

First, we conducted a thorough research to make sure the new changes accurately reflected the company’s brand and its mission.

Then, wireframes and sitemap were done to ensure website was intuitive and easy to navigate. After wireframes and navigation were approved, website development began.
To make the website user-friendly and easy to manage, we used WordPress as a content management system. Besides to being seo friendly, WordPress makes it easy to integrate many advanced features like online store and recipes.

The new website is much more appealing and is also fully responsive. It’s much easier to navigate and the users can now easily find information about each product and make the purchase.
The website also incorporates a shopping cart, company blog, recipes section, social media and various opt-ins to encourage user engagement.
It’s also better aligned with Steviva brand direction and company mission.
Besides website development, we also providing marketing services, including social media management, search engine optimization, and online marketing to further increase traffic and user engagement.

The Result.

By all measurements, the project was a tremendous success. The client was extremely happy with the final result. The traffic has been growing rapidly since the initial launch. The users also responded positively by leaving many positive comments praising the new design. Many signed up to receive company newsletter and shared website content on social media networks.
The sales of Steviva products have also increased and are growing steadily.
The Steviva rebranding and redesign was a challenging but also a very rewarding project. The client had many goals, which we are happy to say, were all fulfilled with great success.

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