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Sam Setyan is a top-rated Los Angeles employment attorney specializing in employment law, personal injury & real estate legal services. He needed to build a website for his legal practice Setyan Law.

Challenge:  Big Apple Media was hired to create branding and build a brand-new attorney website. Sam wanted a modern website to help him establish and grow his legal practice.  Because it’s a new firm, there were no logos, marketing materials or style guides.

Solution: We worked with SEO strategists and content writers to ensure the website not only looks great but is also easily found in a competitive world of legal websites. We’ve used WP CMS to create a website that loads fast and can be updated easily by the client.

We worked closely with other designers to create logos and other marketing materials.

Results: The client is happy with the design and has been getting leads and positive feedback from website visitors. Because it’s a brand-new website in a highly competitive field, it will take some time for organic traffic to grow. But even after a short time, the website is already ranking for many desirable keywords. We are continuing to optimize and grow organic traffic using SEO, social media and other strategies.

Gene is Web Developer & the Founder of BigAppleMedia. He helps clients get leads & grow traffic by building smart & result driven websites and applying the latest SEO strategies. Schedule a Free Consultation