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Dr. Sagar Patel is a renowned plastic surgery doctor who is working in Beverly Hills, California specializing in surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Challenge: Dr. Patel had a website built by a previous design agency that was using a custom theme, which was no longer supported. As a result, the website began to degrade due to no available updates. When the project started, the website had numerous issues that resulted in a significant loss of traffic and drop in search rankings.

Solution: Because Dr. Patel was happy with the general look and the feel of the website, we used his previous website to guide our design choices and development. The website was rebuilt from the ground up using the latest, fast-loading, responsive theme that he can easily update and manage on his own. The theme we used also received frequent updates, which solved the main problem of the website becoming outdated and breaking down over time.

Results: The new website looks in many ways similar to the old website, however, it’s now using a brand-new theme that’s fast and easy to manage. The website is much faster and less bloated. The overall size of the website was reduced from 4GB to 400MB. It’s also cleaner, better organized, and more user-friendly.

After successfully rebuilding the website, we are now working with Dr. Patel on website SEO to grow his traffic and increase the leads.

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