Planning Financial Futures (Website Redesign)


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Planning Financial Futures is a website for financial planners who help individuals manage their finances and prepare for their retirement. They were looking to update their website to improve user experience, increase traffic and generate more leads.

Challenge: Instead of designing a new website, the client wanted to update their old website for better conversions and to generate more leads.

Solution: We worked with company owners and made the website more user-friendly and functional. We also worked on improving the overall look to make it less dated and more attractive. More content was added that included keywords for SEO purposes.

SEO Services: A website Audit was performed to see if there are any technical issues. We performed keyword research and optimized titles, meta and other tags on all the pages. We are continuing to work with the Planning Financial Futures team to improve website conversions, growing traffic and converting visitors into clients. This includes building landing pages, adding content, improving the ranking of their current content, and building links for better search engine positioning.

Results: As a result, the traffic is on the rise, and the business now generating more leads and people finding the company website online in the search engine results. We’re continuing our work and are measuring, testing, and making the improvements based on our data to ensure the business continues to grow and generates the leads.

Client Testimonial: “Gene has been a highly responsive, effective graphics professional since the first day we began working together to improve my website’s functionality, look and feel and SEO rating. He has excellent communication skills and is reasonably compensated for his expertise. I earned back my investment in under 3 months.”



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