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Lexi Borr is a nutritional therapist and health blogger who was looking to redesign and update her blog.

Challenge: Lexi’s uses her blog to post recipes and promote her nutritional coaching services. Her old site was very simplistic and was missing many essential elements. It had unimpressive images, was hard to navigate and didn’t showcase her services. In many ways, it was outdated and needed to be redone to better showcase Lexi’s expertise.

Solution: The site was completely redone from the ground up. The content was moved from the old site including recipes and blogs, however, everything else including WordPress theme and layout was updated to ensure the best user experience.

Results: The new website is much better at showcasing Lexi’s services, looks more modern and easy to navigate. Furthermore bigger graphics, better color palette and other essential improvements make this site more modern and user-friendly.

Client Testimonial: “I’m so happy with the blog Gene designed for me! He was very attentive and always very easy to reach throughout the whole process. In addition to designing the site for me, he also took the time to make sure I knew exactly how to update the site on my own. Very pleased with the result!”


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