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The Chamberlin PR is a public relations company serving hotel industry and is based in San Francisco bay area.

Challenge: Chamberlin website was poorly designed and was missing many important features that help convert leads. The whole site had poorly chosen graphics, looked dated and was hard to navigate. It looked unimpressive and wasn’t effective in generating leads.

Solution: Working closely with the client, new elements were added to improve the home page. Client logos and testimonials were added to better showcase their work and great reviews they receive. Newsletter forms were improved, better graphics selected and mobile design was updated. Portfolio and CTA were added to ensure visitors can quickly review their work and contact them for a quote.

Results: The improvements made to the website resulted in the website that is much easier to navigate. With better graphics and content it’s more attractive and effective in showcasing the company goals and work.
Now visitors can quickly understand what services this company provides and are able to quickly reach out to ask questions and obtain a quote.

Client Testimonial: “Best web design and build experience we have ever had.”


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