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Dr. Brandye is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, an author, and a speaker. Through her book, webinars, and coaching programs, she teaches women how to reconnect with their passion.

Challenge: Her previous website was poorly designed and maintained. It didn’t look professional and didn’t represent her brand

Solution: The complete redesign was required to improve her website. Proper research and planning were conducted before the design was implemented. We worked closely with Dr. Brandye to ensure all the content is easy to find. Other features we integrated include lead generation and e-book downloads, widgets for making appointments, and forms.

Results: Dr. Brandye was very happy with the process and how her website turned out. It’s a huge improvement, and she’s already ranking for appropriate keywords.

Testimonial: “I loved working with Gene on my new website! He was very professional and organized. He was able to bring my vision to life! And not only was he great with the tech, but he gave me some best practices to help with SEO and marketing. If you need a website done right, you need Gene!”

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