Blondies Plate


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Blondie’s Plate is well known and well liked local establishment that has been rated as the top best restaurant in Sequim, Washington. Their old site was poorly designed and consisted of the barely there page.

What We Did

We had to start from scratch and completely redesign their website. The Project included taking photos, reorganizing content, working with owners to make sure their brand is represented to reflect their values and style.

Food photography is an essential part of the restaurant website and we spent a lot of time taking many hi-res photos of the food they prepare to add to the gallery and the home page. Yelp and Trip Advisor were also promptly displayed on the home page and footer to ensure people see the high rating that restaurant received. Social sharing, review buttons, great photography, seo optimized content are all features we included to make sure the website is easily found in search engines and also to make it easy for potential customers to see what type of food restaurant serves, how well it is liked and highly reviewed and how amazing their food is.


Everyone who was involved in the process including the owners were amazed at the results and were extremely happy with the final website. As the result of the new redesign, their website is now easy to navigate. The website also now appears in top search results for many important keywords like “Best restaurants in Sequim” and “Top restaurants in Sequim”, bringing in more customers and business.

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