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Dental Website Design

Custom Website Design for Dental Professionals

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Are you looking for a digital web design agency that specializes in website design for dental professionals?

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Your dental website is the first point of contact for potential customers, so leaving a good first impression is crucial.

If the website for your dental business is difficult to navigate, no longer reflects your brand or appeals to your target audience, is slow to load, or isn’t responsive, it could be time to think about a redesign.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Why So Many Dental Professionals Choose to Work with Us?

Big Apple Media has been around for over 15 years with a long list of extremely satisfied customers and businesses of every size.

Our ideal customer is a small wellness business or a dentist who simply doesn’t have time to dedicate to redesigning or managing their website. 

That’s why so many dental businesses choose to work with us. We specialize in designing and developing beautiful, powerful websites that will help your dental business stand out. Our personal service is designed to be simple, clear, and responsive to all our wellness clients’ needs.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

All the websites we design are budget-friendly, mobile ready and search engine optimized.

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Mobile Friendly Websites

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USA Based. No Outsourcing.

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Reliable, Professional & Timely

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Over 15 Years Experience

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Long List of Happy Clients

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Easy to Manage WP Sites

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We Excel at Website Design for Wellness and Dental Professionals


Below is just a small sample of many health and wellness websites we designed.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It…


“I partnered with Gene at Big Apple Media partnered to develop a website from the ground up. Not only is his turnaround time very quick, but he has great insight into SEO, content strategy, and design. I appreciated how organized the whole process was and the system of tracking changes and versions was very easy to follow. He’s an expert on WordPress and creates great training tutorials. Gene also offers hosting services. The cost is competitive, and the service is an A+.”

Dana L.
Marketing Director / Re-Ops

“Excellent web developer with a keen artistic eye. Gene is very professional and easy to work with. Would strongly recommend Big Apple media if you want a modern-looking and eye-catching look to your website. Gene also understands how to optimize search and loading times. 5 stars all around!”

Dr.Sejal Patel
Plastic Surgeon / Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

“Gene was a pleasure to work with! He designed a great website and walked me through everything I needed to know. Prompt, easy communication, and I forward to working with him again!”

Harry V.
Psychologist, Ph.D. / Dr. Harry Voulgarakis

“Royal Gutters had some work done by Gene and I have to say he’s the best person I have found for what he does. He’s a person that cares about what he does and cares about his customers.”

Alex V
Owner Founder / Royal Gutters

Gene has been a highly responsive, effective graphics professional since the first day we began working together to improve my website’s functionality, look and feel and SEO rating. He has excellent communication skills and is reasonably compensated for his expertise. I earned back my investment in under 3 months.

Jeffrey C. Lewis, CFP
Financial Consultant / Planning Financial Futures

“Gene is very knowledgeable and very responsive. I am very happy with my website refresh and will continue to use his services. I highly recommend him!”

Kelly Chamberlin
Founder / Chamberlin PR

I worked with Big Apple Media and had an awesome experience! They built a brand new web site for me in about 1 month, and I couldn’t be happier! Their understanding of WordPress is incredible and efficiency in executing the work is right up there. I would highly recommend Big Apple Media for anyone, or any company who is looking to develop and design a new web site! What a pleasure to work with!

Leticia S.
Chef, Author / Chef Leticia

I’ve been working with Gene of Big Apple Media for over 5 years. He worked hard to set up my initial website, so when I decided to update my design naturally I enlisted his services once again. Gene is a one-of-a-kind individual who’s a pleasure to deal with.

As a blogger with limited knowledge of web development, I turn to Gene each time as he makes it all very clear for me. He does it all, from design and development to theme updates to troubleshooting. Knowing I can turn to gene helps me sleep better at night.

Warren Tabachnick

Incredible experience from the get go. Gene did a great job of taking my vision and making it come alive into highly effective user friendly training site,

Mike Karpenko
Fitness Guru / Unbreakable Coaching

I’m extremely happy with my experience of working with Big Apple. Media on our website. He has great knowledge of what is best for our site and made sure he delivered what we were looking for. I would recommend him to others and will continue to work with him in the future on keeping our website up to date. Thank you!

Amy Clifford
CEO, Business Owner / Clifford Signs

Gene was incredibly helpful with the project for my company. He is very communicative and took initiative in bringing up ideas and solutions for what I was looking for in my company website. He was also very honest and showed me a few things that I can do myself to maintain my site on my own, which I really appreciated. I have used Gene for several projects for various clients and he is always easy to work with. I’ll continue to use his help. My website is beautiful!

Jordyn E.
Co-Founder / S3 Optimization

Big Apple Media and Gene were very easy to work with. Always responsive and very patient with us when we made changes mid-development. I would certainly recommend him.

Natalie R.
Project Manager / Accelify

Ever time I’ve worked with Gene he has been responsible, professional, and very timely. I honestly couldn’t be happier. He makes himself available even on short notice and does great work for us. I’ve had such a good experience that I’ve recommended him to others as well.

Matthew A.

Very pleased with the final website–thank you!

Christopher K
President & SEO / TissueGen
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