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What do you do if you’ve built a dental practice, but don’t have adequate leads coming in to support your business? This is a popular problem for many dentists. It can be difficult to find good ways to market your business, especially when you’re busy running your practice full time.

So what is the best to promote your dental practice?

The answer is simple. Invest your time (and a budgeted amount of money) into dental internet marketing.  Dental marketing is what will grow your business and thanks to the power of social media, video production, and a little creativity you can run successful marketing campaigns to grow your practice. 

Dentists recognize the impact of dental marketing on the success of their business. At the same time, they are aware that it is costly to market their business, especially when they are just starting up.

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It takes a lot of money to market your dental clinic effectively to ensure a successful dental practice. But with the right marketing strategy and budget, you can achieve amazing results in driving more organic leads into your practice and building your brand’s credibility and authority.

But what marketing tools and channels are the best. It’s important to stay on top of all marketing channels and trends.

The dental industry is constantly changing and evolving. As the technology grows, more and more people are realizing they need to keep up with the latest marketing strategies and trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Below is a list of a few marketing trends that will dominate the industry in the near future?

Focus on Local SEO

Hyper localization means focusing your marketing staging into a tight and well-defined area to generate local leads. For instance, If you’re running any Facebook advertising campaigns, try and target select area codes as a defined area instead of doing a general 5-10 mile general reach. Then push a very specific marketing message that would resonate with people in this area code.

You should also involve yourself in community events. Try finding a small local sports team or community even you can sponsor. Finally, make sure your website is optimized for local SEO. Think about how often someone adds “near me” when searching for a needed service.

Combine SEO and Content Marketing To Grow Organic Traffic

Search Engine Optimization and content creation are closely interconnected. Today’s most effective link-building techniques require high-quality content in order to achieve SEO’s long-term marketing results. By understanding what your potential patients engage with online, you can develop digital content that catches their attention and drive them to your website.

For example, if you can figure out a problem they’re interested in, write a blog post and incorporate the proper dental SEO techniques within the content to help the post rank. This will result in generating traffic to your site which can be converted into a lead or customer, but It’s important to understand realistic goals with your content strategy. Don’t expect a quickly written post to your Facebook page with a link to your website to drive insane conversions and new patients. In fact, your organic goal for Facebook should be more focused on educating and engaging your audience rather than selling to them. 

Run Social Advertising Campaigns

Once you determine the best social platform for your practice, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can build out conversion-focused ad funnels to drive targeted traffic to your website. If possible, it’s recommended to start out and test the waters with all three platforms and then pull back time and budget from the platforms that aren’t delivering results. 

Use Video To Promote Your Business

Whether you make a simple meet the team video, or create a full-blown content series that you produce on a regular basis, you need to invest in video marketing. Luckily, as long as you have a decent smartphone, you can easily create high-quality video content. Video content generates many more shares on social media than text or graphics. Our brains are just built to understand and retain video content better than still images, which is why marketers have seen amazing results when producing video content.

To Sum It All Up

If you focus your dental marketing efforts on implementing some of these strategies, create genuine and engaging content, learn about how to optimize your website for search engines, and invest in video content, you can develop a strong and cohesive marketing strategy to grow your business.

Bio: At My Digital Dentistry, we are 100% focused on creating industry-leading website designs for the dentistry profession. We believe a modern website that looks beautiful on desktop and mobile devices alike is the best way to turn visitors into new patients. For us, it’s not just about designing a website. It’s about designing a user experience that connects with your potential patients and fits your business model.

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