How To Create a Solid Social Media Strategy. Tips from Marketing Experts.

social media strategy tips

Majority of businesses today integrate social media with their marketing efforts. This helps them reach a wider audience, increase the organic traffic and generate more business.

If you’re new to social media marketing, these tips will help you create a social listening or social media marketing plan that will result in more followers, traffic, brand recognition and business.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

According to marketing experts, your overall social media marketing strategy will be successful when you include the following elements:

  • It includes details of your social media goals
  • It meets the demands of your target audience
  • It contains a well-defined content marketing plan and
  • Different ways to measure the results from your efforts

It is only then you will be able to bring in more traffic to your site using your social media accounts. Just like any other online marketing process, this will take time, effort, and hard work, but the pay off will be tremendous, especially if you do it diligently and on a regular basis.

Be warned, social media platforms, social media is not designed to replace Search Engine Optimization but instead, they work together complementing each other resulting in higher organic traffic and better conversion rates than if they were done on their own.

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Always Include Links

It’s important to remember to add links to your postings. Your followers will be able to easily click the links you include and visit your content. Simply posting a message with no way to find the rest of the content it’s a waste of a post. One of the main reasons for sharing content on social media is to bring users back to your website.

Creating good blog posts for your social media channels need precision and foresight. When you create a good posting, make sure that it includes:

  • An interesting, descriptive title
  • A relevant image
  • A short accurate description
  • Links to other posts on your website, as well as external links.

You should create content that’s not only written for search engines but for users also. Including these elements and adding, links will help you find an audience and at the same time help rank your content quicker since Google and other search engines use links to find new content.

Post Regularly

Another good way to attract organic traffic and encourage the audience to visit your website is to keep your content fresh and interesting. Creating content that’s relevant and intriguing to your audience might take time and hard work, but the benefits will be well worth your efforts. Having content your users find useful and interesting will gain you the exposure you’re looking for and at the same time showcase your expertise.

Keep in mind that just as important it is to post regularly you don’t want to overdo. Overposting can result in users unfollowing you if they start seeing too many posts from you. According to research, social media marketing experts recommend to post only a few times a day.

If you follow this advice, you will not only be able to provide your audience with the latest and freshest info but at the same time, you will not make it look like you are being too pushy to make a sale. This will not annoy the audience and leave your site but on the contrary, it will raise their interest to know more about the latest and keep on coming back to your site looking for the latest news, events and product launches. 

Do not Over-promote

Whether it is your brand or your product, you should never over-promote. Instead, try to make your posts more interesting and useful for your readers. Think in terms of helping, rather than selling.

Your main goal should be to build trust, educate and entertain. And only then to sell. As a general guide, follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of your posts should be educational and entertaining and 20% promotional.

Create Evergreen Content

Ideally, the success of your create a social media campaign will largely depend on the type of content you provide. One of your goals when it comes to writing posts is to create content that never goes out of date. This type of posts is called evergreen content and it’s the type of content that keeps bringing the organic traffic, long after it was originally published.

If you want to drive traffic, get found in search engine and build a following on a regular basis you need to try to create this type of content on a regular basis. There are many types of evergreen content you can create. Examples of evergreen content include how-to guides, tutorials, detailed studies, how-to videos, and checklists.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and always use social media metrics to see how your efforts are paying off. By using Google analytics and analytics tools found in settings of your active on social media accounts you can see if the changes you’re making are generating the results you want.

By implementing these tips and having a solid social media marketing plan you will be able to leverage your social network channels and grow your organic traffic and generate more leads.

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