6 Top Content Marketing Trends You Need To Know in 2021

content marketing trends

6 Top Content Marketing Trends You Need To Know in 2021

In the age of fierce competition, you should watch the content marketing trends to keep your strategy up-to-date. It’s important because only when you understand which techniques currently work the best, you can effectively promote your company.

If you have set ambitious business goals for 2019, it’s time to find out about the latest trends dominating content marketing right now. Let’s take a closer look at six hot content marketing trends, every company should know and utilize.

#1 Produce original, high-quality content

Let’s face the truth. Today, the web is overloaded with tons of not unique content, which doesn’t have any value. And for this reason, it’s crucial to create original content, which addresses specific issues of the target audience.

You should conduct a little research and define the trending topics and relevant keywords. If this task is challenging for you, feel free to utilize the following tools and services to produce high-quality content:

  • WhatsTrending. Visit this website to find out which news, videos, social media posts, and other content are currently trending.
  • SupremeDissertations. Use this service, if you urgently need help with blog post writing, editing, or proofreading. Writers with a marketing background will provide you with adequate assistance.
  • Blog Ideas Generator by HubSpot. If you can’t come up with a catchy heading, don’t hesitate to try this tool. Type in a focus keyword and system will generate a few topics for you.
  • RewardedEssays. If you find it difficult to write catchy captions for social media, use this online service. Qualified writers will help you to create short texts, which will easily grab the target’s audience attention.

#2 Tell a story behind your brand

If you want to grab and retain the target audience’s attention, you should put a story behind your brand. You should explain to your potential customers what your company is all about. You should clearly outline your mission, vision, and core values.

But the trick is that talking about your company, you still should put your buyers first. You should prove that you created your brand in order to serve the customers’ needs, not just to get profits.

Let’s imagine that you sell cork yoga mats. What your brand story will be all about? You may write that you started your business to help peopleof any age to enjoy their yoga journey. Also, you may emphasize that you aim to support sustainability in the sports industry.

#3 Personalize your message

If you want to engage your target audience, you should personalize your content.

When writing a post, imagine like you’re speaking with your friend. Make it informal and friendly

  • Use informal language
  • Use the words “you” and “yours”
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short.

Make your texts scannable and easy to read.

#4 Don’t ignore SEO basics

If you want your blog posts to be found, get more traffic and become an authority in your niche, you need to optimize them properly.

Blogging SEO involves the process of maximizing your blog for search engine rankings. It happens when you start using the right keywords, create quality content, and continuously optimize your blog to rank in search engines.

There are lots of elements to SEO, and many of them relate to the on-page content that you post online. By learning the basic principles of SEO and how to optimize your content, you’ll be able to attract many more readers to your blog.

#5 Encourage social sharing and engagement

One of the most effective ways to reach a wide audience is by encouraging users to share what you have created with their own network.

How to encourage customers to generate content for your business:

  • Ask customers directly to share content
  • Embed social media buttons on your website.
  • Offer a gift for people who share your content the most
  • Share other people’s posts in return

To encourage loyalty and increase engagement, always reply to comments.

#6 Produce video content

Video marketing is the king of content, and it’s a fact. “Most modern users prefer to watch videos rather than read articles. If you want to increase reach and engagement, you should focus on video content production.

Today, you don’t need to buy any expensive equipment or hire an in-house specialist to create short video clips. You can do everything by yourself simply using your smartphone.

Depending on the goals of your content marketing strategy, you can produce different types of video content:

  • Product reviews
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Interview with key employees
  • Customer reviews
  • Unboxing videos

The ultimate goal of any video marketing campaign is to make the video go viral. Of course, there is no sure formula on how to make viral videos, but there are general guidelines that will help your videos get more views. Create video content, which is informative, funny, and unique, and encourage users to share it on social media.

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Wrapping up

If you want your company to succeed, you should base your content marketing strategy on recent trends and by monitoring where the industry is heading. You should always keep an eyes for emerging trends within your indutsry and try to integrate them into your marketing plan. It will allow you to boost your marketing efforts and to achieve your business goals.

BIO:Bridgette Hernandez is a content marketer at IsAccurate. She has a Master’s degree in Anthropology, and she currently is getting her Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing. She is going to release her first book about brand storytelling this summer. Apart from work and writing, Bridgette enjoys skydiving, paddle boarding, and snorkeling.

Looking for more content marketing tips? Check out the Top Content Marketing Best Practices infographic below:

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