Tips For Creating Effective Calls-to-Action For Medical Websites (with Examples)

cta for medical websites

A strong call-to-action (CTA) is a key element of a successful medical website.

It is a message that encourages website visitors to take a specific action, such as contacting the practice or booking an appointment.

Why are Calls To Action Important for Medical Sites

Including a clear and effective call-to-action on medical websites is crucial for driving patient engagement and acquisition, just as it is for any other type of website. Including and optimizing Calls to Action should be part of your overall medical marketing strategy.

These actionable phrases guide website visitors toward taking a specific action.

By including clear and compelling calls to action on your website, you can encourage visitors to take the next step in their journey with your practice, whether that’s contacting you, booking an appointment, or learning more about your services. This can help to increase engagement with your website and ultimately drive more business for your practice.

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In addition, there are a few other reasons why it’s important to include calls-to-action on your medical website.

CTAs Improve User Experience

First, calls-to-action can help to improve the user experience of your website by providing clear guidance on what actions visitors should take next. This can make it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for and take the next step in their journey with your practice.

CTAs Help Increase Conversions

Second, calls-to-action can help to increase conversions by making it easier for visitors to take the desired action. By providing a clear and compelling CTA, you can encourage more visitors to contact your practice, book an appointment, or learn more about your services.

CTAs Improve Effectiveness

Finally, calls-to-action can help to improve the overall effectiveness of your website by making it more focused and goal-oriented. By including specific calls-to-action on your medical website, you can ensure that visitors are taking the desired actions and that your website is driving business for your practice.

How to Use Calls To Action Text On Medical Website For Maximum Impact

Calls-to-action should be included prominently on your medical website so that they are easy for visitors to find and act on.

Some common places to include calls-to-action are:

The top of the homepage. This is a prime location for your main CTA, as it will be the first thing that many visitors see when they arrive at your website.
The navigation menu: You can include a CTA in your navigation menu, which will make it easy for visitors to access any page on your website.
The footer: The footer of your website is another good place to include a CTA, as it will be visible on every page of your website.
Within the body of the page: If you have a long or scrollable page, you can include a CTA within the body of the page to encourage visitors to take action as they read.
On landing pages: If you have specific landing pages for different services or products, you can include a CTA on those pages to encourage visitors to take action related to that specific service or product.

It’s also important to consider the design and placement of your calls-to-action.

They should be clearly visible and easy to understand, and they should be placed in a way that encourages visitors to take action.

For example, a CTA that is placed near a relevant piece of information or image is more likely to be effective than a CTA that is placed at the bottom of a long page.

Compelling Calls-to-Action Examples for Medical Websites

#1 Contact us:

This is a crucial CTA for any medical website. It should be prominently displayed on your website and easy to find. A contact form or phone number should be included so that visitors can easily get in touch with your practice.

#2 Book an appointment:

This CTA is especially important for new patients who may be looking to schedule a consultation or follow-up visit. You can include a link to an online appointment scheduling system or provide a phone number for patients to call.

#3 Learn more about our services:

This CTA can provide visitors with more information about the services your practice offers. It could lead to a page on your website that provides details about each service, as well as pricing and other important information.

Tips For Creating Effective Calls-to-Action For Medical Websites (with Examples) 1
Example of Health website CTA

#4 Meet our team:

Many patients want to know more about the healthcare providers they will be working with. A “meet our team” CTA can lead to a page with bios and photos of your team members, which can help build trust and establish a personal connection with potential patients.

#5 Read our blog:

If your practice maintains a blog, you should include a CTA that encourages visitors to read your latest posts. This can help keep visitors engaged with your website and provide valuable information about health and wellness topics.

#6 Request a consultation or callback:

This CTA can be used to encourage visitors who are interested in a particular procedure or treatment to schedule a consultation with a provider.

The visitors should be able to easily request a phone call from your practice or schedule an appointment at a convenient time.

#7 Sign up for our newsletter:

A newsletter can be a great way to keep in touch with patients and provide them with valuable health and wellness information. This can help keep patients informed and engaged with your practice. This CTA could lead to a sign-up form for your newsletter.

#8 Join our patient portal:

If your practice uses a patient portal, you could include a CTA that encourages visitors to create an account. This can provide patients with easy access to their medical records and appointment information.

#9 Download a brochure:

If your practice has a brochure or other informational materials, you could include a CTA that allows visitors to download them. This could provide visitors with more detailed information about your services and policies.

Tips For Creating Effective Calls-to-Action For Medical Websites (with Examples) 2
Example of CTA on Health website

#10 Follow us on social media:

If your practice has a presence on social media, you could include a CTA that encourages visitors to follow you. This can help build your online presence and provide another way for patients to stay connected with your practice.


A strong and effective call-to-action on a medical website is crucial for driving patient engagement and acquisition. A well-designed CTA can help guide potential patients toward taking the desired action, whether it be scheduling an appointment, filling out a contact form, or downloading educational materials. By including clear and concise CTAs on their website, medical practices can improve their online presence and ultimately drive more business.

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