Best Free Website Speed Test Tools To Check Website Performance

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If you want to grow traffic to your website, you need to make sure it loads fast. If your site takes more than 3 seconds, the visitors will likely abandon it before it loads and will never return. That is why it’s important to regularly test and analyze website load speed using the best website speed checker tools.

Best Website Speed Test Tools

Website speed is one of the most important factors that determine how well you rank in search engine results. Faster loading websites tend to benefit from higher SEO rankings and lower bounce rates, which leads to a better overall user experience. This is why it is important you take advantage of free website test speed tools to measure and improve your site’s speed.

There are many reasons to run a speed test on your website. By testing and analyzing your website performance, you can find out what might cause your website to be slow. Many free speed optimization tools can check common issues and also find more technical problems that your website might be experiencing. These tools can show if your images might need to be optimized, if you should apply minification to your scripts, or they can tell you if your assets are loading correctly from the CDN. Remember, if you can’t measure and analyze your website performance, you won’t know what might be wrong with your website, so you won’t know what you need to fix.

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Page speed performance tests should be mandatory for any website to ensure it performs well and not experience any serious issues that can hinder its loading time.

So if you’re looking to test your website for speed and performance, there are a number of free website speed testing tools available online. Many tools don’t require you to register and provide tons of information you can use to help you optimize your website.

Google PageSpeed Insights


Google page speed test tool

This is one of the most popular tools used by millions to test the speed of their website. It grades a website on a scale of 1 to 100 – with the higher number reflecting how optimized the site is. Based on industry standards, anything above 85 means your website is performing really well. Google PageSpeed insights give insights for both desktop and mobile versions of your site and you can also view recommendations on how to improve your sites such as what you need to do to the images and the type of content you need to remove or change to reduce page load speed.

Pingdom Speed Test Tool


Best Free Website Speed Test Tools To Check Website Performance 1

Pingdom Speed test tool is another useful app for running a website speed test. This tool creates reports divided into different sections which include a breakdown of your page analysis, history, devices, and performance grade. With the analysis gleaned from Pingdom, you can easily compare your asset size against your domain, and check out the request per domain and the type of content that gets the most requests. Another cool feature about Pingdom is that it allows you to test your website from different locations from Texas to Melbourne to Stockholm, so you can have a feel of what other customers go through when they try to visit your site.

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Best Free Website Speed Test Tools To Check Website Performance 2

GTmetrix goes a step further by creating reports on your site’s Page Speed and YSlow metrics. With this tool, you will be able to see PageSpeed. Once you register on GTmetrix, you can test your site speed from seven different locations and chose different browsers, as well as compare and contrast your website performance against various connection types such as cable as against dial-up to see how they all affect your page loads.

WebPage Test


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This is quite similar to tools already reviewed it has more locations where you can test from different browsers as well. WebPageTest offers 40 locations where you can test your site speed performance and 25 browsers to choose from. It uses a grade from F to A based on performance tests on key areas of your site such as the FTTB, caching, and effective use of CDN. WebPageTest has a different approach to the rest of the tools in this article, as it uses a unique approach to its speed test. It has what it calls a ‘first view’ and a ‘repeat view’ which is great for diagnosing the 1st time DNS lookup delay.

Use these website optimization tools to check the speed of your website. By measuring and improving performance you can make the necessary changes to your pages and by doing so increase the ranking of your website.

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