Best Health and Wellness Website Design To Inspire You (2023 Updated)

health and wellness websites

Your website is your most important marketing tool. That’s why it needs to be user-friendly, professional, and well-designed. If you want to attract visitors and convert them into clients, you need a website that offers the best user experience possible.

This applies to every type of business including the health and wellness industry.

If you have your own health practice you know how important it is to have a professional-looking website.

What To Include In Health Website Design

A good healthcare website design does more than just look pretty. It’s also a user-friendly experience that helps your visitors learn about your company and products. The best sites take into account the needs of their visitors as well as their own limitations. Here are some important factors to consider when making sure that your site is not only visually appealing but also easy for people to use.

Eye-catching website design

Use a lot of white space. White space is your friend when it comes to design because it helps divide the different sections of your website and keeps things simple and clean. We’re not saying you should have an all-white background, but don’t feel like you need to fill every inch of your page with content or images; this can make for a cluttered appearance that’s hard on the eyes (and makes people leave). Instead, choose which elements are most important to highlight and use them as focal points—we recommend having at least some white space around each element so it stands out more easily from its surroundings.

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Use High-Quality Images

Images matter! This one might seem obvious, but we’ve seen enough sites with blurry or low-quality images that we needed to include it in our list anyway—high-quality images add visual interest and help break up large amounts of text (which leads us right into step

Make sure that any photos used on your site look professional (not grainy) or include someone recognizable if possible: famous faces are something everyone recognizes immediately and associate with quality workmanship without even knowing why they do so! If there aren’t any famous people available who align with the image concept clearly conveyed by these shots then try using personal snapshots instead–they’re just as effective but much less expensive than hiring an actual photographer would be.”

Descriptive, engaging copywriting

The second thing that makes a great health and wellness website design is copywriting. Whether it’s copied on your landing page or content throughout your site, this is what brings people in—and keeps them coming back.

The copy on wellness websites should be easy to understand, clear, and concise. It should also be engaging and persuasive in order to capture the reader’s attention. The best health and wellness website designs have a copy that is written in a way that is easy for people to understand, not too long or too short.

Include Easy See Contact Info.

The website does not just look. You need to make sure potential customers can quickly and easily contact you if they need to schedule an appointment or ask you questions.

You want to make it easy for your visitors to find a clickable phone number or email. Make sure to include this info in the header, as well as the footer.

Include Social Proof (Testimonials)

Social proof is necessary to build trust and credibility with your visitors. It’s the idea of showing customers that you have other customers. It works because people are naturally skeptical of new things, and they want to see that others have already tried it out and had good experiences with it before they decide to take a chance themselves.

To implement social proof on your website, incorporate testimonials from satisfied customers or write up a case study describing how you’ve helped someone in the past (with an example). You could also display badges from credible third parties such as TrustPilot or Google, which show off awards for your company’s excellence in customer service or SEO results respectively.

Use Simple Navigation

The first thing a good health and wellness website design should get right is its navigation. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if it’s not intuitively laid out, then the rest of the experience is going to fall apart.

An effective health website should be easy to navigate. Websites need to have clear and consistent navigation, a search feature, and a breadcrumb trail that allows users to find their way back from where they are on the site.

Of course, it’s important for you to make sure that all of these features work well on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Clear CTAs (calls to action)

Call to action (CTAs) are the links or buttons that direct your readers to the next step in your process. The best medical Calls to Action are bold and convey one simple message: “Click here now.”

Here’s how to write a CTA that will help you get more conversions:

Use clear language. Your CTA should be written in plain English, without confusing terms or jargon. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t expect anyone else to understand what you’re trying to say! For example, instead of using the word “Register,” try using “Sign Up” or “Join Now.” This way, your call-to-action will have more impact because it’s easier for people who aren’t familiar with what exactly you do to understand the purpose of clicking through from your web page into another section of your site (or even just an email account).

Mobile Friendly is A Must

You need to make sure that things are easy to read and understand on both desktop and mobile devices. Your audience might be visiting from any number of places: at their desktops all day long; walking around in their offices; sitting at home using mobile devices; working out at the gym (or just scrolling through social media).

Your website should look amazing on every type of device, so having a responsive website is critical and every health website must be mobile-friendly and fast to ensure the best user experience.

How To Design Quality Websites for Health Businesses

How your website looks and functions make a direct impact on how others view your business. If your website looks sloppy, contains inaccurate information or simply looks dated, your customers will assume your business is run the same way.

That is why your website needs to be mobile-friendly, look professional, load quickly and be easy to navigate. It’s also important to promote your website to ensure it not only looks good but generates business for your medical practice. Having a professional website is only a part of having a successful online presence. Doctors and medical professionals must use effective digital marketing strategies to ensure their business grows and attracts new patients.

Building a website is a big task, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. Before you start a web design project, you need to go through a discovery stage. This involves looking at and analyzing similar websites that are in the same niche. Jumping straight into the design without doing proper research can lead to disastrous results.

Research & discovery, planning, organizing, and strategizing are all crucial to the success of the website.

If you’re a health professional or a web designer looking in the process of upgrading a wellness website, there’s no better way to get your creative juices flowing, than by looking at other sites.

Whether you’re working on a new site or just looking to spice up your current website, checking in on what’s trending and the latest design styles can provide plenty of ideas.

If you tried to do a search for wellness-related websites, you’ve likely stumbled on many poorly designed sites. The majority of health and fitness websites you find look outdated, cluttered, not mobile-friendly, slow, and poorly designed.

Finding inspiration for your next website design project can be hard. That’s why we rounded up some of the best websites in the world for you to check out.

With so much competition, you would think wellness businesses would be eager to invest in an attractive website. Unfortunately, if you do a quick search you will quickly find out often it’s not the case.

After searching hundreds of websites, we’ve hand-picked the best examples of health and wellness websites for you to browse and learn from.

We hope the list of health websites we put together gives you an idea of what direction you want to take your website design and what kind of look you want for your practice.

We plan to grow this list and add more websites so come back for more healthy website design inspiration.

Beautiful Health and Wellness Website Design Examples

Legent Health

Legent health is an orthopedic clinic helping patients get back to their active lives using cutting-edge treatments.

health website design inspiration

Category: Orthopedic Clinic
Why It Works: This is an innovative and creative website that’s much different than a typical health website. Great use of whitespace. Nice subtle animation and unique design and layout.

Equinox Fitness

Website for Equinox Fitness Clubs offering group fitness classes, personal training and luxury amenities.

Best Health and Wellness Website Design To Inspire You (2023 Updated) 1

Category: Fitness
Why it’s great: This is a beautiful website with high-quality photos and graphics. The video is well integrated and makes this website really stunning and interactive.

One Medical

medical website design

Category: Medical
Why it’s great: One Medical took a minimalist approach. Great use of fonts and whitespace. Beautiful graphics. Simple and elegant.

Parsley Health

parsley health website design

Category: Medical
Why it’s great: Beautiful graphics, clean design, and layout. Nice color selection. Terrific fonts. Easy to navigate.

Cure Nails

beauty wellness design

Category: Beauty
Why it’s great: Modern and beautiful layout, clean design, great use of white space.


wellness websites roundup

Category: e-Commerce
Why it’s great: Great use of space, a beautiful natural color palette.

Konstolymp Olives

nature website design

Category: e-Commerce
Why it’s great: Beautiful minimal layout, great color palette, nice use of white space, parallax, and video.

Redeeming Nutrition

nutrition websites

Category: nutrition blog
Why it’s great: Simple layout, no clutter, great font selection and colors.

L’instant Unique

beauty spa websites

Category: beauty, spa
Why it’s great: Beautiful color palette, unique layout and design.

Greta Hill Wellness

greta wellness

Category: personal blog, yoga
Why it’s great: Clean and uncluttered.

Premise Health

healthcare websites

Category: healthcare
Why it’s great: Nice use of color, good use of space, lovely layout, easy to navigate.

Race To Recover

Best Health and Wellness Website Design To Inspire You (2023 Updated) 2

Category: physical therapy
Why it’s great: Minimal color palette and layout, easy to navigate, nice font selection.

Intense Health

Best Health and Wellness Website Design To Inspire You (2023 Updated) 3

Category: Fitness
Why it’s great: Minimal color palette, uncluttered design and layout, great use of space.

Exhale Spa

Best Health and Wellness Website Design To Inspire You (2023 Updated) 4

Category: spa & fitness
Why it’s great: Minimal color palette, great layout, nice use of photos and video.

Health Nut Nutrition

health and wellness websites 2018

Category: nutrition blog
Why it’s great: Nice bright color palette, easy to navigate, great images, clean.

22 Days Nutrition

nutrition website design

Category: nutrition blog, e-commerce
Why it’s great: Great colors, easy to navigate, clean design.


fitness website design

Category: Fitness
Why it’s great: Nicely done animated navigation, good use of space, beautiful natural color palette.

Integrated Podiatry

wellness website design

Category: wellness practice
Why it’s great: Minimal design, nice use of space, clean and clutter-free, natural color palette.

Matcha Kari

wellness website design

Category: organic products, e-commerce
Why it’s great: Great use of white- space. Natural organic color palette. Clean layout. Gorgeous photography.

Joyous Health

health website design

Category: nutritional blog and portal
Why it’s great: Cheerful color palette, great content, clean fonts and layout. Beautiful photography.

If you have a health professional who needs to update or redesign your website, let us know.

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