Best Free Hootsuite Alternatives. Free Social Media Management Tools.

free hootsuite alternatives

Best Free Hootsuite Alternatives. Free Social Media Management Tools.

It’s been a great ride. I’ve been with Hootsuite almost since the beginning. It’s a great service and even though I wasn’t a daily user, I did use the app weekly, mainly to schedule the posts.

Because I was one of the earliest users, I was still paying the rate of $6.99/month for the last few years. This was reasonable considering I wasn’t a frequent user.

The other day I received a letter from Hootsuite, notifying me that as of June 1, 2021, the rates for early users will increase from $7 to $75 a month. 

Best Free Hootsuite Alternatives. Free Social Media Management Tools. 1
Hootsuite price increase

To rub it in, Hootsuite letter also stated “Your plan will still include the same features and benefits—only the pricing will change. “

That’s right, the cost of using the app is going up 10-fold, yet all the features and benefits will stay the same. 

It seems long time paying customers are not the only ones being pushed out.

Hootsuite used to have a generous free plan allowing to connect 3 social networks and schedule up to 30 posts a day.

Going forward, users now can only manage 2 social accounts and schedule up to 5 posts with the Free plan.

These changes will likely not only force users with free accounts to ditch the platform but also force out paying customers who won’t shell out $75/month to upgrade.

Best Free Hootsuite Alternatives

Because Hootsuite was a well-designed product there aren’t many similar free programs that are similar. Furthermore, changes in Twitter API killed off many rivals.  

Despite this, there are a few programs that can be used together for free to replicate Hootsuite functionality.

Below is the list of my favorite social media management tools you can use. With these best free Hootsuite alternatives, you’ll be able to share and manage your social media the same as before, but without shelling out huge bucks.

Twitter Feed Management & Scheduling


This is an official Twitter app, which means it probably won’t disappear, like so many other similar tools. If you like how Hootsuite streams were set up, you’ll be comfortable using Tweetdeck interface. It’s similar to Hootsuite in design and functionality. You can create multiple feeds, schedule your posts, and even manage multiple accounts.
The only downside to this tool is that only works on Twitter. You can’t use it to post on any other social media platform. But for Twitter it works great.

Best Free Hootsuite Alternatives. Free Social Media Management Tools. 2
TweetdDeck interface

Social Media Sharing Apps


Buffer allows you to publish your content across your social channels. It works similar to Hootsuite. You can use the browser extension to post content simultaneously to all your connected social media accounts. If you use a free account, you won’t get access to analytics and other advanced tools. However, if you want to quickly share your content on all your social media sites, it’s a great tool.


Similar to Buffer and Hootsuite, it allows you to publish and schedule post to social media accounts. Free account lets you connect 3 of your social networks.


Another great scheduling tool. It lets you manage all your social media accounts in one place, similar to HootSuite.

You can schedule your posts, engage with your audience. Other features include inbox, publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team collaboration tools. Free account lets you connect to 3 social media networks.

Best Free Hootsuite Alternatives. Free Social Media Management Tools. 3
Agorapulse publishing tools

Social Posting Browser Extensions

Share on Twitter Extension – Post on Twitter. This is a simple extension, similar to Hootsuite Hootlet, allowing you to share any page on Twitter using your browser.

Best Free Hootsuite Alternatives. Free Social Media Management Tools. 4

Desktopify – Post to Instagram. As you know, there is no desktop Instagram app. Technically you can’t post photos to Instagram straight from your computer. However, there are several plugins to circumvent this. One such extension is Desktopify.

After you install it, you can click the icon and it will take you to a mobile view of your Instagram account. The interface will look the same as your Instagram app and you can use it to publish photos without having to use your phone.

Best Free Hootsuite Alternatives. Free Social Media Management Tools. 5
Desktopify interface for posting on Instagram

Other Automation Tools

Another way you can automate your social media is by connecting and reposting your content to social media accounts. There are two popular tools for this. 

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IFTTT – This app allows you to connect and integrate all kinds of apps and tools. You can use it to automate sharing on all your social media networks. Connect your social media accounts and as soon as you publish your content on one channel, it will post it automatically to another social media site. The free account lets you create 3 applets. Sadly, Linkedin no longer works with IFTTT.

dlvrit – Share your latest posts across your social networks. Use RSS feed to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, and LinkedIn. You can also auto-share posts from other sources. Unfortunately, a free account if fairly limited and only allows you to connect to 2 social media accounts and limits you to 3 posts per day. 

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many free Hootsuite alternatives. This article covered only a few popular tools you can use to replace the functionality of Hootsuite. If one service decides to drastically increase its prices and limit the features they offer, you can be sure there are similar and even better tools available to take its place.

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