The Best Personal Trainer Website Design: (Updated 2022)

top fitness website design

The Best Personal Trainer Website Design: (Updated 2022)

The design doesn’t occur in a vacuum. That is why you need to look at other high-quality websites for inspiration. This applies to every niche and health and fitness business websites are no exception.

Unfortunately, most of the websites in the health and wellness sector are poorly designed and outdated. Many are not responsive and are difficult to navigate. They use boring stock photos or are not sized correctly resulting in slow website load time.

Many personal trainers and health and fitness studios are either too busy running their business or don’t realize the value of a well-designed, well-optimized website. And it shows.

It’s no secret that poorly designed websites can negatively reflect on the business. If visitors to the websites see that the website looks dated and not cared for, they will also assume that the rest of the business runs the same way.

Attention-grabbing images and graphics, great user experience, lead generation features, and seamless integration of fitness marketing are all important elements that should be part of every fitness website. Unfortunately, many sports sites miss many of these elements. That’s why it’s important to research other fitness-related businesses and leading sports websites to get inspired and see what it takes to build a successful fitness website.

Whenever our team at Big Apple Media starts working on a new project designing a health or wellness website, one of the first things we do is perform a search to find the top websites in that niche. This means looking through hundreds of websites, bad and good, to find the best ones. To get you inspired and save you time, we want to share the best personal trainer and fitness websites we found that stood above the rest.

For the purpose of this article, the fitness websites on this list are judged in terms of layout, design, and look and feel. These websites are well-laid out, use beautiful images and fonts, are easy to navigate, don’t skip attention to detail, and provide a great user experience. Please note the websites on this list are mainly presented for their design and aesthetic value, not content.

Personal Trainer Website Design Inspiration

The Robards Method

Category: personal trainer
Why it’s great: Simple and clean design, nice images of images and colors.

sports and fitness websites

Freddie Meadows

Category: personal blog, surfing
Why it’s great: Great use of natural color palette, uncluttered design, well-designed graphics

personal fitness blog website

Phive Fitness

Category: fitness center
Why it’s great: Beautiful interactive design, impressive use of animation, good choice of fonts, colors, and images.

gym website design

The Renovator

Category: personal training
Why it’s great: Nice colors. Nice typographic. Simple but effective layout.

personal trainer website

Orange Theory Fitness

Category: fitness center
Why it’s great: Good use of animated elements and video. Easy to navigate.

gym website

Arena Fitness

Category: fitness center
Why it’s great: Good use of video and graphics. Consistency in design.

fitness website design

Davis Fitness

Category: personal fitness trainer
Why it’s great: Simple, yet elegant design. Nice use of color palette. Well organized.

personal fitness website design

Fit Radio

Category: fitness mobile app
Why it’s great: Wonderful use of video, Great, simple design. Good use of whitespace

fitness and sports web design

Live Strong

Category: fitness, non-profit
Why it’s great: Great graphics, Clean and easy to navigate. Great use of typography and images.

Affordable Web Design & Marketing

fitness sports website design

Yoga Journal

Category: yoga
Why it’s great: Despite the fact it is a big site, it still manages to look clean and uncluttered thanks to typography and smart use of whitespace.

yoga website design examples


Category: fitness e-commerce
Why it’s great: Fitbit website has always been well designed and organized. Beautiful images combined with clean fonts and whitespace made it one of the best-designed websites on the web.

fitness shopping website design

12 Minute Athlete

Category: fitness app
Why it’s great: Minimal color palette. Great fonts and beautiful photos. Wonderful use of whitespace to keep this website looking fresh and clean.

fitness web design

If you have a wellness website you want to update or redesign, let us know. We specialize in health and wellness website design and we can build you a website that will excel your expectations.

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