Best Dental Websites. Dental Website Design Inspiration.

dental website design inspiration

A dental practice website is the face of your business, and you want to be sure it’s not hiding anything from your potential patients. Your website should demonstrate to your patients that you are a professional in your field and that you are legitimate.

If you want to get ideas and be inspired when designing your dental website, you need to be able to find similar sites to use for inspiration. However, if you search for dental websites online, you likely won’t find many great dental websites. Many dental sites you’ll find are not mobile-friendly, often use generic stock photography, and looks cluttered and outdated.

VIDEO: 5 Things Your Dental Website Must-Have to Stand Out

If you dig further, you’ll find many top dental website design companies claiming to specialize in website design and dental marketing. However, if you look at their portfolio, you’ll see only a few create truly original dental websites. The websites they create follow cookie-cutter templates and generally look similar to all the other average-looking dental websites on the web.

Website plays a vital role in the success of any business. Your visitors will judge your dental practice within seconds of seeing your website. A simple and professional-looking website will make a great impression on your visitors.

A good website for your dental business should be easy to navigate, easy to find, and should clearly show the many services and treatments you offer. You want your website to describe your business, answer any questions potential clients might have, and provide all the essential information they need before scheduling a consultation.

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There are many reasons why you need to have a professional website for your dental business. A dental website is a powerful marketing tool that can help any dentist get more patients.

To help you create a site that will bring you more business, we put together a list of the best dental websites to get inspiration from. If you’re thinking about redesigning or building a brand-new website for your dental practice, browse the list below.

Below are some of my top websites for dentists’ picks!

Best Dental Clinic Website Design To Inspire You

Grand Street Dental

Grand Street Dental offers a full range of dental services.

Best Dental Websites. Dental Website Design Inspiration. 1

Why It Works: The website has unique look and feel. The design is clean and user-friendly. Great use of typography and custom photos.

Coronado Dentistry

Why it’s great: Beautiful graphics and icons. Clear presentation. No clutter.

Best Dental Websites. Dental Website Design Inspiration. 2

Lakeland Family Dental

Why it’s great: Nice imagery, clear navigation, easy to contact & book appointments.

lakeland family dental

Looking for more resources for dentists? Check out these marketing tips and ideas.

Boutique Dental Care

Why it’s great: Attention to detail, nice graphics and content, great use of video.

best dental website design

Riaz Dental

Why it’s great: Easy to navigate and contact, no clutter, clean design.

top dental website design

Olive Chapel Family Dentistry

Why it’s great: Great graphics and layout, straightforward navigation, easy to contact and book appointments.

Olive chapel dentistry design

The Smile Shop

Why it’s great: Great color palette, easy to contact & book appointments, no clutter

the smile shop

Massih Orthodontics

Why it’s great: Original layout, great use of white-space, beautiful icons and graphics

Best Dental Websites. Dental Website Design Inspiration. 3

Neil Hadaegh Dentistry

Why it’s great: Luxury style design, beautiful images, easy to navigate

beverly hills dentistry

Des Moines Family Dentistry

Why it’s great: Original layout, nice graphics, easy to see contact information

des moines family dentistry

Dr. Kacker Dental

Why it’s great: Nice color palette, beautiful graphics, easy to find contact information

kacker dental

Healthy Smiles Dental

Why it’s great: Good photos, nice integration of social media, easy to fill out form and schedule appointments

healthy smiles dental

Dr. Moretta Dental

Why it’s great: Great photos and graphics, good use of video and social media. Easy to navigate.

family dental website design

Dentist 4 Kidz

Why it’s great: Eye-catching. kid-friendly graphics. Good use of animations. Easy to navigate.

Best Dental Websites. Dental Website Design Inspiration. 4

Best Dental Website Templates for WordPress

As far as dental website design is concerned, you have several options.

Your options depend on your budget. If you have a large budget you can hire a design agency specializing in dental website design.
If your budget is lower you can hire a web designer to create a custom design for your website.

Finally, there is a DIY option. If you’re using WordPress you can find many dental website templates and themes you can install and customize. It might not be unique but if you use one of these templates you can still have a beautiful, professional-looking website without spending a fortune.

If you decide to build your own WordPress dental website and are looking for dental website templates, we put together a collection of top dental website templates for WordPress. They’re easy to customize and ready for use on your own site.

Below are popular dental website templates you can use to build the website for your dental practice.

Dentist WordPress Theme for Dental Websites

Best Dental Websites. Dental Website Design Inspiration. 5
Dentist WordPress Theme

Dentist WP is a WordPress theme for dental clinics. Its unique features and functionalities make it the ideal solution for dental website practice.

Rola – Medical Health & Dental WordPress Theme

Best Dental Websites. Dental Website Design Inspiration. 6
Rola – Medical Health & Dental WordPress Theme

Rola is a Creative and Beautifully crafted modern Responsive WordPress Theme built for Dentist & Dental Clinic website. The theme is developed with Elementor, making it easy to update and manage the website.

Dentalia – Dentist & Medical WordPress Theme

Best Dental Websites. Dental Website Design Inspiration. 7
Dentist & Medical WordPress Theme

Dentalia is a highly customizable WordPress theme, perfectly suitable for dentists, healthcare professionals, and companies that offer medical services. Dentalia has everything you need to build an outstanding website for your practice. It is fully responsive with a modern and clean design, unlimited color options, and an easy-to-use page builder.

Dental Website Design Cost

When it comes to dental website design, the cost can vary depending on various factors. Here are some key considerations that can influence the cost:

  1. Complexity of the Website: The complexity of the dental website design plays a significant role in determining the cost. A simple informational website with basic features will generally cost less compared to a more complex website with multiple functionalities, such as appointment scheduling, online forms, patient portals, and e-commerce capabilities.
  2. Customization and Branding: The level of customization and branding required for the dental website can impact the cost. If you want a unique design that aligns with your dental practice’s branding and identity, it may require more time and effort from the web designer, resulting in a higher cost.
  3. Number of Pages and Content: The number of pages and the amount of content needed for the website can affect the cost. A larger website with numerous pages and extensive content, including detailed service descriptions, blog posts, and patient education materials, will require more time and resources to develop, resulting in a higher cost.
  4. Responsive Design and Mobile Optimization: With the increasing use of mobile devices, it is crucial for dental websites to have a responsive design and be optimized for mobile devices. Implementing responsive design and ensuring mobile optimization may involve additional development work, which can contribute to the overall cost.
  5. Integration of Advanced Features: If you require advanced features such as patient management systems, online appointment booking, secure patient portals, or e-commerce functionality for selling dental products online, these integrations can add to the complexity and cost of the website design.
  6. Ongoing Maintenance and Updates: Consider ongoing maintenance and updates when budgeting for your dental website. Websites need regular updates, security checks, backups, and technical support. Some web designers offer maintenance packages, which may have additional costs.

It is important to remember that the cost of dental website design should be viewed as an investment rather than an expense. A well-designed and functional website can attract new patients, improve patient engagement, and enhance your online presence. It is advisable to consult with professional web designers or agencies to get accurate cost estimates based on your specific requirements and goals.

Looking for More Wellness Website Design Inspiration? Check out the links below

If you have a dental website you want to update or redesign, let us know.

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