The Benefits of Video Marketing for Business (Infographic)

video marketing statistics

The power of video marketing is undeniable. Video is used not only to entertain viewers but also to engage and educate them. Videos make information easier to understand and entertaining at the same time, making them a great form of expression and storytelling. Unlike still pictures and written content, videos are not boring and appeal to multiple senses by incorporating graphics, moving images, and sounds.

Seeing how powerful and effective internet video marketing can be, a lot of business owners and companies have embraced video marketing wholeheartedly. It helps them get ahead of the competition, reach a larger audience and engage their target customers. Because videos are entertaining, convenient and accessible, they are more likely to go viral than any other type of content. Videos have a higher impact because people want to lean and gain knowledge while at t the same time being entertained.

Why is video marketing so effective?

The new-generation audience can easily recognize and learned to ignore old-school form of marketing. People nowadays want something fresh, fun and easy to consume. This is why short, informative and engaging videos can quickly conquer the Internet, especially social media. When the audience finds a video interesting, they will share it in a heartbeat, making it go viral in a blink of an eye.
Video is an amazing form of media that delivers on all of its many promises and provides a real value to businesses and companies that have learned to use it effectively.

VIDEO: Video Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Business in 2019

Benefits of video marketing

The visual impact, immediacy, and simplicity of videos make them the new choice when it comes to marketing. Video has fast become the leading viewing platform of the new generation and is expected to revolutionize content marketing even further. If a video is used as a marketing channel, a company can easily analyze the results and use the date to find out exactly how effective their videos are in reaching their ideal audience.

Companies can easily get their return-on-investment from their video content if they use video marketing effectively. Videos can be used on the website to make content more interesting, in blogs and embedded inside social media posts. By using the video you can instantly improve the quality of your content and make it much more interesting and engaging. Plus it will increase the chances of users sharing your content if you use videos.

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Video content has created a lot of traffic on the Internet and in a few years, By 2021, 80% of the World’s Internet Traffic Will Be Video [Cisco Study]

Today, internet video marketing is everywhere. You probably already seen many types of video ads all over the web, especially on Facebook and other social media sites. Many companies big and small gathered data showing that videos get much higher click through rates are using video marketing to their benefit and to get the most ROI from their marketing efforts.

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Take a look at the infographic from Omnicore Agency, in which they share relevant statistics on video marketing and show why marketers who haven’t used videos yet must start, or they will get left behind by their competitors.

INFOGRAPHIC: The future of Video Marketing The Rise of Video Marketing
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