The Easiest Way to Automate Internal Linking in WordPress

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Internal linking is incredibly important for both user experience and SEO. It’s an essential part of On-page SEO and is responsible for improving website visibility in search engine results.

A link to another page on the same website is called an internal link. When linking to another page within the same site, the anchor text used must be relevant and descriptive.

Linking your pages helps search engines understand your website’s structure and hierarchy, and it improves the user experience. Internal linking allows visitors to easily navigate from one page to another within the same site. Linking to other pages, keeps users on your website longer and thus reduces the bounce rate. Another benefit of linking to other pages is link juice. By connecting your pages you’re passing some of the SEO strength from impo to other pages on your site.

If you want to encourage people to stay on your site, then you need to make sure that users can easily find similar content by following internal links.

Internal Link Building WordPress Plugin

Its true internal link building can be time-consuming and difficult to do manually, but thankfully there are many free tools to you can use if you want to automate internal link building. In this post, I want to share my favorite internal link-building WordPress plugin for quickly building internal links. The plugin that I use and want to recommend is called Internal Link Building by By Internet Marketing Ninjas.

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The Easiest Way to Automate Internal Linking in WordPress 1

Internal link-building plugins will let you easily and quickly link to your blogs, articles, and internal pages to improve their rankings in search engines and generate more clicks.

The plugin is easy to setup and use. After you install it, go to Settings > Internal Linking. There you will see boxes and options available to you.

The Easiest Way to Automate Internal Linking in WordPress 2
Internal Link Building Plugin Settings. Plugin Link

For the most part, you only need to put the anchor text you want to link and the web page URL where you’re linking to. For example, if you want to build links to your blog about email marketing, you’ll put “email marketing” into the keyword field and then enter the URL of your post. There are a number of additional options including the location of links, where they are in the article, etc.
That’s all there is to it.

Keep in mind, it’s always better to build internal links manually. This way you have full control over your internal links. WordPress makes this process extremely easy. You can quickly find other relevant pages you can link to when you try to add a link while editing a document. However, if you have a website with many pages and don’t have time to manually add internal links, automating this process might be a good option.

Other Popular Internal Link Building Plugins


Internal linking is a critical SEO factor when it comes to optimizing websites. Although manual link building might seem tedious, you can save time by automating internal linking in WordPress. The best part is that once you have your internal links set up you don’t have to worry about them. Every time the internal link-building plugin finds the anchor text, it will automatically link it to the pages of your choice.

Other Internal Link Building WP Plugins

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