About Big Apple Media

Big Apple Media was created to offer affordable solutions to small- and medium-sized companies that need well-designed, well-functioning websites to help them grow and prosper online.

Here at Big Apple Media, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our top-quality creative and development projects are produced in-house. We never cut corners or outsource our design work. Each of our clients—no matter how large or small—will receive only the best customer service and the attention they deserve.

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photo-me Gene Armstrong is the founder of Big Apple Media, a digital design agency specializing in SEO and custom website design and development.

He has been a website designer for small business for the last 20 years, helping them improve their online presence. 

His love for web design led him to start his web design agency, Big Apple Media, where he’s currently working as a web developer.

He loves helping small companies become more successful by transforming their websites and maximizing their potential through web redesign, seo and online marketing.

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