7 SEO Tips and Strategies To Help Your Dominate in 2023

seo strategies

When it comes to search engine optimization, the biggest challenge many websites face is being able to show up on top of search engine results. 

If you want your website to succeed, you need to optimize your website according to the latest guidelines and recommendations.

To help you dominate, we put together a list of the latest search engine optimization tips and strategies you need to know and apply in 2020.

Let’s get started!!!

#1 Keep Track of Google Updates

Google is the most popular and widely used search engine. It can help your site to be seen the top in search results, increase traffic, visibility and built trust with your customers.

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However, you need to keep up with all the latest updates. If you’re not keeping track of the latest Google algorithm updates and how your site is affected then you might find yourself losing traffic and your ranking dropping like a rock. The game has changed over the past few years and it’s more important than ever to stay up-to-date with what Google is doing.

 How to Optimize for Google

Focus on search intent and accurately answer questions users are asking. For example, if a person is looking for “Stores Near Me,” the search results should show stores near the user’s location, not across the world.

These days intent is much more important than keyword density. Black hat tactics like keyword stuffing that many marketers used in the past no longer work. Google is now much better at analyzing language and separating good content from the bad.

The best advice for optimizing for Bert is to use natural language to answer user questions and help them solve specific problems.

VIDEO: How to Track Google Algorithm Updates Like the Experts

#2 Growing Popularity of Voice Search

Voice search was one of the emerging trends that exploded in the last few years. The use of virtual assistants has been growing and will continue to do for many more years.

Voice recognition technology is advancing at light speed and becoming more accurate. As a result, users realize the benefits and take advantage of using voice to do searches using Alexa and Google Home. 

While it’s harder to optimize content for voice search, you can’t ignore this growing marketing channel. Aim to provide short and accurate answers and use other search optimization strategies for voice searches. When developing content, keep voice search optimization in mind it will help you stand out and attract more traffic.

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#3 Improve Click-Through Rates with Better CTA: 

One of the major factors responsible for the success of the website is its ability to convert visitors to customers and generate leads. 

Growing traffic is only a part of a successful marketing strategy. If users leave your website as soon as they arrive, no amount of traffic will help. 

That is why it’s important to use highly visible calls to action to make sure users see the theme and take action. 

Many websites place CTA where it’s hard to see them or they blend in with the rest of the content. This makes them less effective. 

Calls to action should not encourage users to take action, but also tell them why they need to do it. 

Thus you have to make sure your buttons are not only highly visible but also specific and enticing. Instead of vague “learn more” use more specific “download a free ebook”

You don’t have to limit this rule only to your website. You should also pay to emphasize your CTAs in your email marketing campaigns

By adding clear, actionable CTAs in your newsletters and on your website, you can greatly improve lead generation and user engagement.

#4 Improve page speed: 

Google now pays close attention to the speed of your website. Websites that are slow get penalized and lose search engine visibility.

Users don’t have time to wait for your website to load. They will quickly leave is your website if it’s taking to long to load. You need to optimize and maintain a good page speed for your website if you want to grow your traffic. 

To improve speed firs you need to run tests. You can use any of these popular free tools to check the website speed. Once you know what causes your website to be slow, you can find ways to make necessary improvements.

#5 Make your site secured for your visitors:

Keeping your website secure is critical if you want to build trust and get returned customers. Making your website secure is not only important to prevent hackers, but also to show users that their information is safe.

If your website is not secure, browsers will display “Not Secure” instead of a padlock. This will discourage users to share their information or purchasing from your store.

website is secure

Another reason to secure your website is due to the fact that Google favors websites that are secure. So taking two sites that are similar in every way and one is secure and one is not, Google will prefer the secure one.

So how to safeguard your website?

Keeping customer data safe is crucial. To ensure the website are secure, you need to install an SSL certificate. You can purchase these certificates from your hosting or domain registration company.

If you need more than one certificate you can purchase a cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate.

And if you have multiple domains you can get a comodo Essential wildcard SSL certificate offers 256-bit SHA-2 encryption with more than 99% browser and server compatibility. 

#6 Improve your User Experience (UX): 

 User experience is often neglected. However, user experience plays an important part in attracting and converting users. If your website is confusing and hard to navigate, it will discourage people from using and coming back to your website.

You need to design your website so they can quickly find what they’re looking for.

By providing a great user experience you will be able to help users find things they need quickly and this will leave a lasting impression resulting in more return visits.

#7 Create High-Quality Content

Everybody knows how important it is to create evergreen content if you want to bring in organic traffic. However, creating a ton of content is not an effective strategy. Instead, a secret to the success of content marketing is the creation of quality content. 

This is a type of content that generates organic traffic long after it was published. Every day there are millions of blog posts published every day. This means it’s no longer enough to post mediocre content. You need to stand out if you want your content to be read.

Using your content to attract traffic or content marketing is becoming more and more competitive. If you want users to find your content you need to spend time creating content that stands

Search for keywords you want to rank and analyze results that show up on top. Study these results and create similar or better content. To learn more about this strategy check out the Skyscraper Technique that shows you how.

When it comes to SEO the work is never done. By paying close attention to guidelines and latest trends you can stay on top and outrank your competition. Follow the tips in this post and apply these strategies if you want to attract organic traffic.

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