5 Essential Factors To Improve e-Commerce Website Conversion Rates

how to improve conversion rates

For e-commerce websites, the higher conversion rate is always a significant measure of their success. Both conversion and the company’s revenue growth go hand in hand. Thus a little shortfall in conversion rate can adversely affect the revenue-generation capacity of a company. A dropping conversion rate will also negatively impact the bottom line.

If you are facing a similar problem you might want to analyze your website to see what might be causing a decline in conversion rate. Start by identifying the underlying causes of poor conversions. Although there can be many reasons why your conversion rate is decreasing, typically there are a few common factors to which this can be attributed to.

Regardless of the reasons your conversion rates are low, a good web development services provider or a web professional can also help you improve the conversion rate by analyzing your website and finding a way to eliminate the factors responsible for this.

1. Responsiveness

By 2021, it is expected that half of the e-commerce transactions will be completed through mobile devices. (Source: Statista)
This data is enough to acquiesce the importance of mobile devices in today’s web environment. There are many online merchants that still haven’t updated their websites and made them responsive. Today, the mobile-first approach for is an essential factor if you want to have a successful and robust e-commerce website. Responsive web design enables you to build mobile-friendly websites, so your website will look great and works well for people on all devices. Well designed and mobile-optimized websites will result in better user experience and more conversions. You can’t convert users who can’t access your website.

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2. Performance

Performance is mainly referring to the loading speed of your site. A website shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 seconds to load. Most of the visitors will leave your site if it doesn’t load fast. Higher loading time will irritate the visitors and they’ll just give up by clicking the back button. A fast loading website is important for making sure that visitors who land on your site can quickly find what they’re looking for or make necessary purchases.
You need to optimize your website for the best performance by first checking to see how long it takes to load. If you’re looking for speed testing tools, Here is a list of top free speed testing tools we put together. Once you understand what’s slowing down your website you can address the problems that are making your website slow.

3. Effective UI/UX

The design of a webpage is an important factor when it comes to improving conversion rates on your website. There are numerous factors designers have to take into consideration. There are many approaches on how you can design your site. You can work using Photoshop design files to get them converted to HTML/CMS or you can develop online using WordPress. There are also many pre-built themes you can use to ensure your website looks clean and professional. If your website looks poorly designed, cluttered and hard to navigate, it will negatively impact conversion rates. Making sure your website is both appealing and user-friendly is a must if you want users to keep coming back.

4. Personalization

Your visitors must be able to find what specific content they’re looking for quickly and easily. This can be achieved with the use of personalization. If shoppers have to browse through many pages to find what they’re looking for, they will be less likely to make purchases. As a result, you will see a rising cart abandonment rate. By tailoring the user experience to individual users you will improve their user experience. You can this on websites such as Amazon. Every time you visit their website you are shown products that are based on your previous searches. You also see similar products that are specific to what you’re looking for.

User data is essential for personalization. You need to analyze the data and ascertain the preferences of your customers. Based on that data, you can deliver a personalized experience that will help you boost your conversion rates.

5. Effective customer service

Simply having a great website is not always enough. Providing great customer service is another way to grow business and gain more customers. You must deploy multiple channels to provide customer services and help people looking to find out more about your products before they buy.
You can connect and help your customers using email, website contact forms, and social media. However, nothing beats more personal communication. Integrate live chat and video if your team is big enough to use them.

Finally, make sure your phone number is clearly visible and customers can easily find it on the website and call anytime if they need to get help or ask questions.

Final note

The conversion rate is a key metric for many online businesses. If you have low conversion rates there are factors that are responsible for this. By analyzing your website and fixing these problems that directly impact your site’s conversion rate and performance you’ll get greater customer satisfaction and will see a big boost in your business.

Author Bio Emily White is working as a senior web developer at CSSChopper – a leading technology partner providing front-end and custom web development services around the world. Being an ardent web developer she loves building websites for clients. Besides development, she also holds a deep interest in writing and creates quality articles and blogs in her free time. She wants to spread knowledge through the articles and blogs she writes for her audience.

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