5 Dangerous Mistakes Small Businesses Make In Social Media Marketing

small business social media marketing mistakes

Social media marketing can provide some incredible results if it is done correctly. Unfortunately, there are plenty of ways you might risk its success. In this article we are going to take a look at 5 things to avoid while you are on social media websites.

Spamming Content

It doesn’t matter how great the content is or how funny you may think something is, never send something out more that you need to. Your entire audience will get a horrible impression of you and your company’s brand becomes at risk. It is important to make sure you never risk the integrity of your company, and spamming does exactly that. Spamming to much could even get your page deleted from the social network. Just don’t do it.

Not Interacting

Social media marketing is all about interacting with your potential customers. Leaving comments, messaging, and following, it’s all a major part of social media. The more your business is willing to interact with your audience, the more they will be willing to share your posts, leave comments, and keep engaged with your profile.
If you decide to let a comment go without an answer, you are not only letting the messenger down, but any future readers are going to see that and assume your company doesn’t care about what they have to say. This is especially true for any negative reviews. Negative reviews should be responded to as soon as possible with a professional response that either explains the situation or provides a solution.

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Only Caring About Numbers

It is true that numbers play a very big role in social media marketing. Traffic, likes, and shares, those numbers will mean something to you. Just don’t make the mistake of only focusing on those, because you will soon see your whole marketing campaign fail. You should be more focused on the people that are interacting with your profiles and the content that you post. Responding to comments and converting people over to customers. Those numbers can be analyzed to figure out what areas of your campaign might need some work, but in the end, those numbers are not going to be what makes your campaign successful.
A good example of a bad numbers situation is that you have 50,000 followers, which you might think is amazing. What if they are all inactive and have no interactions with you or your company? What good are they? A large number, doesn’t mean success. Now, if you focused on an excellent piece of content, then posted it out there and it got 50,000 shares, that is something to be proud about.

Posting About Irrelevant Stuff

Another major mistake to stay away from is to post about stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with your company. That post might attract a few people here and there, but it won’t actually help your business. The people that ended up coming to you because of the post will most likely just go on with their lives because you are going to be able to offer them what they want. If you always post about relevant stuff to your niche, you will be able to convert anyone in your audience to a customer. The more relevant your posts are, the better you will be.

Unprofessional Behavior

Branding is a big aspect of any successful company, so don’t say anything on your social media accounts that you would say to someone face to face. It is much easier to say bad things over the internet, but you are doing nothing but hurting your business and pushing future viewers away. Unless your company wants a specific image like that, it is best to keep your comments, posts, and all interactions as professional as possible. It is ok to get personal with your audience, that is actually a great thing, but saying offensive stuff or anything that could put your company down is such a bad idea.
There are many ways you might end up ruining your social media marketing campaigns, but these are 5 of the most common and dangerous mistakes that are made. Stay away from them at all costs!

Ness writes on behalf of MakeAWebsite – a site where you can find useful tips when it comes to having an online presence for personal or business use. Visit their website to obtain more information.

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