4 Types of User Data to Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns (Infographic)

user data for marketing

Personalization plays a vital role in the creation of a successful marketing campaign and, ultimately, a pleasant customer experience. Due to the continuous evolution of customer behavior, strategies targeted on the average buyer are now ineffective because that persona doesn’t exist anymore.

If you want to reach your audience the right way, you need to customize your approach according to their characteristics. In the never-ending task of acquiring leads and conversions, metrics should be the basis of your efforts. Thanks to the opportunities that the digital world provides, marketers can collect accurate customer data to aid them in their marketing efforts.

With the use of the latest analytics tools, creating tailor-fit campaigns has never been this easy. By taking note of vital pieces of information such as customer demographics, preferences, and behavioral patterns, you can develop a better understanding of your audience while learning new and better ways to approach them.

If you want to grow your business and increase your brand’s visibility you need to use the following four types of customer data to improve the effectivity of your marketing campaigns

1. Identity Data

Identity data deals with your customer’s basic information. Name, age, gender, location, and occupation are all vital pieces of data you can use to find out what kind of people that are interested in your brand. As the basis of your marketing efforts, this type of data will help you create and define your buyer personas.

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2. Descriptive Data

Once you’ve established your buyer personas, it’s time to acquire a deeper understanding of who they are. Descriptive data allows you to discover the unique traits and characteristics of your target audience.

Usually gathered in the form of interviews and surveys, descriptive data will allow you to predict the behaviors of your consumers while guiding your marketing and sales strategies according to their lifestyle, preferences, and habits.

3.Behavioral Data

Thanks to tracking tools such as Google Analytics, you can now analyze behavioral data seamlessly.

As your customers continue to interact with you via email, social media platform, or website, their behavioral patterns will eventually be visible over time. By constantly monitoring their interactions with your brand, you’ll be able to point out which channels produce the most leads, what type of content performs best, and improve on other essential factors to help you optimize your conversion rate and ROI.

4. Qualitative Data

Lastly, qualitative data deals with what your customer feels about your brand. This is where social listening starts to show its real value. By using hashtags and other tracking tools, you can figure out the opinions, reviews, and sentiments that your clients have expressed in various digital channels.

With this in mind, don’t ignore your customer service metrics. Other than enhancing your marketing strategy, properly analyzing qualitative data will also give you some insight into how you can improve other areas of your business.

Data-Driven Marketing

Capitalizing on the metrics mentioned above will give you a better understanding of your audience. Once you know the things that make them tick, you can use the information you’ve acquired to enhance the impact of all your digital marketing campaigns.

When it comes to gathering data, always remember that you don’t need to play by the book all the time. Brands, business, and like-minded entrepreneurs that can acquire accurate information about their customers will always be able to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Stand out from your competition and be creative with your data gathering process. Offering freebies, conversing through social channels, and providing timely and relevant content are just some of the few ways you can encourage your leads to share their data with you.

Infographic by Connextdigital
types of customer data for marketing
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