4 Reasons Law Firms Should Invest in a Quality Web Design

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Just about every business now has a presence on the web. Most client and customer interactions these days start with a search online.

If you’re a lawyer, it’s highly likely your website will be the first point of interaction a prospect will have with your law firm. Thus, you have to ensure your website leaves a great first impression with a prospective client.

That’s where an excellent, professional-looking law firm website comes into play.

In this post, we’ll talk about the four reasons law firms should invest in a quality web design.

Quality Web Design Makes You Stand Out

4 Reasons Law Firms Should Invest in a Quality Web Design 1
importance of custom law firm web design

According to Amazelaw, “Having a custom-tailored site is crucial because it makes you stand out from the rest of the pack. The digital marketing space has become more and more competitive. Therefore, you have to take steps to ensure your capability when it comes to keeping up with your competition.”

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So why not create the best law firm website design that stands out in your industry? After all, one of the first things potential clients will do is search online for potential firms to represent them.

If you are the kind who would look for a Yelp! review on fine dining restaurant you’d like to visit this weekend, the same thing goes with a persona who’s willing to pay the hefty price for a lawyer.

Some law firms who don’t focus on their websites aren’t in tune with their market. That gives forward-thinking firms, that invests on a custom website, a competitive advantage.

It Makes Your Website a Cost-Effective Business Asset

Having a business website is a cost-effective way to promote your business. Not only that it gives you a global reach, but it’s also a relatively inexpensive way to promote your law firm.

Your site provides a platform for people to know more about your business: What it precisely offers, and how should they contact you for more information. It also gives you a continuous return on investment for years to come.

Without a reputable website, your law firm would not be able to generate potential clients. Without a website, you could be losing out significant clients, especially in today’s highly competitive digital landscape.

Well-Thought Web Design Builds Trust and Credibility

4 Reasons Law Firms Should Invest in a Quality Web Design 2
law firm web design inspiration

There’s nothing wrong about publishing the achievements of your firm on social media and on your site. However, you should also show your knowledge and expertise online so that you can build trust and credibility with your audience.

You can also establish your online authority and expertise by constantly producing great content consistently.

Why not offer solutions? Help people out with their problems. Create a podcast, webinars, write a blog, or do something simple like replying to their comments on social media.

Over time, people will begin to see you as a person of authority in your field. As a result, they’ll write and link back to your site. You’ll even gain referrals in the process.

Also, get the basic design right because people will take in several cues the moment they land on your site. Visitors will form their first impression of whether or not you can be trusted only in a matter of seconds.

Your overall design quality should include certain elements such as your overall layout, the quality, and consistency of your fonts, your color scheme, navigation, copy, your site’s usability and so on.

It’s crucial that the feel of your site should be modern, professional, and relevant ‒ not just within your category.

If you fail to impress them right off the bat, they’ll click away and you’ve probably lost them for good.

Moreover, a lot of prospects evaluate law firms based on testimonials from previous clients. It’s because people will always look for proof. They want to make sure that you’re credible in the first place before they decide to put their fate in your hands.

Effective Content can Attract Return Visitors

4 Reasons Law Firms Should Invest in a Quality Web Design 3
well crafted content to generate leads

Web design is certainly the key. However, if your web page lacks meaning, you won’t achieve your goal. You won’t go far, either.

Your content is essential when it comes to getting past on the first six-seconds of “I love the way the website looks.”

High-quality content fosters long-term relationships with your clients. Also, most people relate to content more if it’s easy to read and skim. Aside from that, users love fresh content, which relates to the message and general information your site is trying to send across.

Moreover, by placing the right information on the right pages, it’s easier for visitors to find, process, and act on things.

You’ll also benefit if you have site pages that are dedicated to:

  • An individual service or area of specialty that you offer
  • Lawyers and attorneys in your firm
  • Relevant testimonials and case studies
  • FAQs
  • Blogs
  • Contact

Final Thoughts

In today’s modern law practice, having a good website is critical. It will help you attract new clients that have never heard of you before. It will always make you and your clients’ lives a lot easier and build your authority in your field over time.

4 Reasons Law Firms Should Invest in a Quality Web Design 4

Author Bio: Bryan Mixon is the owner of AmazeLaw, the website building for solo and small firm attorneys. Bryan has been building websites since 1999 and has spent his last four years helping companies like HubSpot, Mill33 and LivingSocial. Bryan knows first hand how difficult it can be for small business owners to get their digital marketing off the ground, so he built AmazeLaw as a super-simple place for solo attorneys to build their sites, collect leads and get on with their days of doing lawyerly things.

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