17 Tips for Writing Email Marketing Copy That Converts

email marketing copy tips

Email marketing is as popular as ever. Emails are not going away. The advantages of using email to promote are countless, and the return on the investment is higher than any other marketing channel, but only if done right.

To help you maximize your emails we want to share 17 ways you can write an email marketing copy that converts.

1. Start with a good subject line

You cannot get a conversion if someone does not read the email. Even before that, you need to make a good first impression, and only your subject line can do that for you.

2. Don’t forget preview text

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Today’s email allows you to read the first line just after the subject line before opening the email. The line is a preview text. You need to get it right with this line because it could turn off the client. Select the words of this line carefully.

3. Write for the web

The internet is not like other platforms of writing, more so paper. Your email copy needs to stick to the rules of writing a web copy. Have a good structure, short paragraphs with an idea per paragraph.

4. Avoid shouting

This is simple using all caps and exclamation marks within your email. These elements make your email spammy reducing the open rate and therefore the chances of getting conversions.

5. Know your audience

You cannot sell to someone you do not understand. Do your research, use social analytics, understand consumer personas, and later appeal to their needs. Segment your email list to increase your open-rates. (source: How to segment your email list)

6. Write for people

Whomever you are targeting needs to enjoy reading your email. Be real, friendly. Try to relate to readers on a personal level. Be conversational and connect with them as if you’re speaking to them directly.

7. Pick your words wisely and keep it short

Take your time to choose the right word to sell your service. Remember, emails are short. You need to use the right words, sparingly but effectively. Use things like analogies, sensory words (that trigger mental images), and power words like “amazing offers” to make your point.

8. Use psychology

Use psychology to influence. Use words that encourage action. Pay attention to color choices, the fear of missing out, scarcity, reciprocity, and other well-known psychology tactics commonly used in marketing.

9. Be relevant

Choose targeted marketing over generic marketing. This means you have to treat each customer or certain customers differently in your emails to improve click-through rates. Use email list segmentation to make sure your emails reach the target.

10. Have clear goals

Each email you are sending should have a clear goal. Make sure each newsletter is informative, entertaining and offers something useful to readers. But don’t stop there. Include calls to action in each email to make sure you don’t waste an opportunity to build trust and find new clients.

11. Get personal

How do you feel when the first thing you on your email is a mention of your name. This trick works perfectly in email marketing. Make your emails personalized. Most email clients allow you to use merge tags so you can automate and personalize them. Use it.

12. Tell a story and build trust

Tell a story about yourself. Use things like pictures, company history, strategic statements, and company successes to make your reader know you and trust what you offer.

13. Aim for consistency

Everything needs to be in check. The subject should not say “brown wallet” and end up describing a black wallet. Be consistent all through your email copy to build trust with your client.

14. Offer incentives

You have managed to make them like your subject line, your preview text, your email, and your product. Why not reward them with a discount for subscribing to your page.

15. Include Calls to Action

Your subject line may convince opening and reading. The reader knows they should, but why not encourage action. Sell your call-to-action brilliantly.

16. Test your email campaign

Before you send the email, test its effectiveness. Thanks to technology, there are tools meant for that like CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

17. Learn from others

You have competitors, and if they are doing well, why not subscribe to their emails and learn from them. Study the design of their newsletter, what content they offer? how often to they send out? Do they include social and calls to action? By analyzing successful emails you’ll be able to incorporate and improve your own newsletters.

These are just some of the ideas you can use to improve the copy when you send out your emails. These tips will ensure your email will not only look great but are also written to capture user attention and won’t end up in the user spam folder.

Looking for more tips? Check out more email marketing ideas, to help you get better results and grow your business.

Lori Jones had made a transition from a bit shy office clerk to an empowered and delighted writer. Later she progressed to becoming a writer at SupremeDissertations. Lori is really a writing fanatic and frantically stays on guard of beauty and meaning inside the written text. More than this, Lori continues to broaden her horizons, so she became a contributor to Lord of Papers blog.  

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