11 Ways To Generate Leads From Twitter

generate leads from twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, with 330 million monthly active users and sending 500 million tweets daily. When it comes to lead generation, you shouldn’t ignore Twitter. (Source: Statista)

It has the power to build your brand, connect with customers, and generate leads.

Twitter is a great place to network and build relationships, but it’s also a powerful way to generate leads. With the right marketing strategy and tools, you can use Twitter to turn followers into customers.

According to twitter’s statics (Source: OptinMonster)

  • 66% of people have discovered a new business on Twitter
  • 94% are planning to buy something from the businesses they follow on Twitter
  • 69% of people have bought something as a result of a tweet

As a result of the tweet, 69% of people bought something.

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These statistics add up to Twitter’s incredible potential to help you find the leads for your business.

However, many people make key mistakes when using the platform that significantly reduce their ability to attract new customers. As the result, they’re missing out on a significant opportunity to generate leads and connect with potential customers.

In this guide, we will share the best 11 ways to use Twitter for lead generation.

VIDEO: Use Twitter To Generate Up To 30 Leads Per Day

Create Separate Twitter Accounts

The first step you have to do for lead generation on Twitter to create separate personal and business accounts. You should not be using your personal account to do marketing for your business.

With a separate account for your business, you will be able to focus on building the company’s brand and connect with potential customers. You don’t want to confuse your followers with personal updates.

Write a Great Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is one of the best lead generation tools. When people check you on Twitter, bio is the first thing they see. Even though it has 160 characters, it has plenty of space to make an impact.

Your Twitter bio should include,

  • A link to your email newsletter or lead magnet
  • Hashtags related to your main topic
  • A call to action leading to your landing page with a great offer.
  • CTA and clear description of who you are and what services you offer

Find The Best Time To Post

A primary part of capturing lead generation on Twitter is to make sure that your target audiences see your tweets. For that, you need to tweet when they are online, and they are most likely to take action.

There are several factors that could determine when you should post on your social media channels, including the time zone of your audience, their demographics, and what other networks they use. You also need to consider what type of content you’re posting, because it might be better suited for a particular time. For example, if you’re sharing images or video content, then you’ll want to post this during peak hours when people are most active. If you’re tweeting about news items or events in real-time, then it’s best to do this during off-peak hours.

To find out the best time to post Tweets is to simply experiment and publish during different times of the day to see when you get the most shares and retweets.

Know Your Audience

It’s critical to understand your audience when you are using Twitter for generating leads. If you know the right buyer for your business, you can market to them more effectively. It is very easy to find information using Twitter analytics. They can help you build up a high picture of your audience to share content that was mostly liked by them and encourage them to click through for more information.

Use Visuals To Make Your Tweets Stand Out

Including visual and interactive elements is one of the best ways to get noticed and increase lead generation. Tweets can be different formats including images, animated gifs, infographics, and videos, Visual tweets get more attention than regular boring text posts, add some flair to your tweets.

Experiment with different media types and styles to see which ones get more shares and likes. Analyze the results and improve. Keep repeating and experimenting.

Make Use of Polls

Polls are another way to interact with your audience. Polls can be a good way to find out what your customers like so you can better understand your audience. It is also one of the great ways to generate brand awareness. With a one-click, people can answer the poll and see the results instantly. If you want to become popular through Twitter polls, you need to increase Twitter poll votes for options corresponding to your brand. This is a great way to boost user engagement and recurring customers.

Use Hashtags

On Twitter, 452000 tweets will share every minute. Hashtags are a way to organize messages and make them easier to find.

Always use the appropriate hashtags, so people can easily find your tweets. You can use hashtags for a variety of reasons, from making it easier to search for messages about a specific topic, to organizing different messages for different purposes.

It’s important to use hashtags so that there isn’t any confusion for anyone who might be searching online about what your tweet is about. Hashtags also allow you to follow conversations on the same topic which can help you understand the subject better.

Use the most popular hashtags in your niche for better reach.

Use Video

Using videos is another excellent strategy when it comes to getting clients on Twitter. Video is quickly becoming one of the most powerful ways to motivate, inform and connect with potential customers. And Twitter is quickly emerging as a top platform to share videos. By using video on Twitter, you can increase your follower count, build trust with followers and attract more organic views to your content.

Offer Customer Service

Don’t ignore the power of customer service to improve your lead generation using Twitter. A single happy customer will tell nine more customers, which means you can get a chance of nine more customers. While handling customer service, you should

  • Keep positive conversation among the public.
  • Retweet for positive reviews and recommendations

Build Loyal Following

One of the ways to increase leads is to build a large loyal following. The people who follow you on Twitter and pay attention to what you publish are likely to retweet and share your content. Many brands utilized Twitter and other social media to build a massive following and used it to launch and grow their businesses with great success.

By using proven strategies and focusing on growing your followers you can greatly improve the number of leads you can generate from Twitter.

Run Twitter Contests

A funny way to lead generation is running Twitter contests. Some examples of the Twitter contest include

  • Ask your users to tweet images using particular hashtags.
  • Run a caption competition
  • Ask a question that followers can answer.

Final thoughts

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms for businesses, but many businesses are still unsure how to use it effectively. Follow the tips in this article to generate leads, increase sales and grow your Twitter following.

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