10 Simple Ways To Increase Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Increase Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach current and potential customers. If done well, email marketing can have the best ROI compared to other marketing channels. However, if not done correctly, your emails are likely to end up in the dreaded spam folder.

To help you maximize your marketing efforts we put together a handy list of tips on how to increase email marketing conversions rates

1. Build a database

Every successful email campaign starts with a list of people you want to market to. When you’re planning to run an email marketing campaign, you should always begin by identifying the target market. The best way to maximize the results is by building a database of clients who are interested in your services and products. By having a solid list of and tracking and analyzing your marketing efforst you can ensure your emails reach the right people and get the results you’re aiming for.

2. Create your own list

The last thing you want to do is buying a list of leads; instead, create your own. This should come from your business network, seminars and conferences, any referrals, people who follow you on social media, and previous contacts. That ensures that you know exactly who your audience is and increase your chance of getting conversions.” This will also ensure people will more likely read your email. No one wants to receive the email they never subscribed to. The last thing you want is being flagged as a spammer.

3. Write a clear message

You want your message to clients to be clear, concise, and meet a need that they have. If you don’t want the email rejected, make sure the information is relevant to them. Don’t overwhelm them with too many details, but stick to one subject per message. Use only the right words that will fit your target market, and avoid writing anything long because they will lose interest.

4. Use the right language

Similarly to the previous point, you also need to choose the right language. This means it has to be age-appropriate, understand any cultural sensitivities, or anything else that would apply to your target market. You need to know your audience, whether they’re backpackers, young professionals, seniors, and more.

This is a list of great online tools to help you write accurate and punchy email copy:

5. Send emails at the right time

You want to send your emails when your recipients will be looking at their inbox. If you send them early in the morning, your email will get lost in all the others they received overnight. Instead, schedule your emails to send when you think they’re most likely to be looking at their computer or mobile phone. This will be a different time based on your target audience.

6. Resend emails

Another good tactic is to set up your automation to resend the same email to your recipients if they haven’t opened it, which will put it back at the top of the inbox if it’s been buried. Send the follow-up email at a different time of day to see if it’s more successful.

7. Don’t send spammy emails

You want to avoid your email being confused for spam because then it’ll never land in their inboxes. To avoid this happening to your emails, make sure they’re compliant with the Spam act, avoid misleading headers and false information, be clear about your location, don’t use trigger words, and avoid phishing. Consider using a spam checker to see if it passes the test.

8. Create a feeling of urgency

Your email should create a feeling of urgency so they feel like their concern can be resolved right away or their need met immediately. Use email subject lines that will encourage your readers to open the email right away, like announcing an invitation, mentioning shocking news or current events, advertising free products, or talking about interesting objectives.

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9. Use workflows

Managing emails and email marketing is a lot easier using email workflow. This means that you can send emails based on your target audience’s information like contact details, characteristics, and more. It allows you to segregate your database and send emails just to certain groups of individuals. For example, you can se tup a workflow nurturing

10. Work with sales

It’s a lot easier to increase conversions if your email marketing team works with your sales team. The sales reps have direct information and access to leads and customers, and marketing helps to cultivate that relationship. Every potential client needs to be treated in the right way and synergy between teams is the best way to achieve that.

The main goal of your email marketing is to increase your conversion rate and meet your customers’ needs, so keep these suggestions in mind when developing your email marketing campaign.

Ellie Coverdale, a marketing writer at Essay roo and UK Writings, shares her tips and suggestions about email marketing and social media marketing. She is at the forefront of research on new strategies and likes finding new ways to connect businesses and clients. She also writes as a teacher for Boom Essays.

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