10 Most Common SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid

avoid seo mistakes

SEO has become the ultimate marketing tool for all types of businesses regardless of the sector or the size. If done correctly SEO can generate an enormous amount of organic traffic and help businesses attract valuable leads.

To maximize your SEO efforts you need to keep up with all the latest SEO developments and trends so you can stay competitive and not make the mistakes that can seriously derail your SEO efforts.

Even with an abundance of information about SEO, it’s easy to make mistakes that will get you banned from search engine results and negatively impact your business. To help you avoid these harmful SEO blunders, we put together a list of the ten most common SEO mistakes so you can do your best from making them.

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Overlooking Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Sure everything looks great on your site, but if you forgot to properly optimize Titles and Meta descriptions of your pages, it will drastically reduce the chances of getting your content showing up in the top of search results. These two elements are the two most important factors Google uses to determine what your pages are about. And you need to make sure they optimized to correctly describe what your pages are about. Keep them short, descriptive, relevant and include target keywords, for best results.

Never auditing your website

Regardless of how long you have been using SEO, auditing your site is of the utmost importance. It helps you narrow down to the things you are doing right for your site, and those you are failing at. Consider Google Analytics and Search Console as the perfect starter tool for this job.

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  • Publishing poor quality content

    Over time, realize that it gets tougher to come up with quality and highly engaging content. For this reason, most website owners end up compromising the quality to keep up with the quantity. Do make this mistake. Quality is always better than quantity when it comes to content. Longer, better researches posts will always do better than short articles and will show up higher in search engine rankings. Besides the longer the post, the more keywords it has a chance of ranking for.

    Buying links

    Buying links no longer work according to Google. With recent algorithm updates, Google has been penalizing sites that buy links to get better traffic. Often businesses hire companies that buy links from poor quality sites resulting in website getting penalized. You should only aim to earn backlinks from high quality sites.

    Not keeping up with SEO trends and latest changes

    Things are changing with time, and they are changing fast. If you are not alert to keep up with every SEO trend, then all your optimization efforts will be wrong. And you will not achieve your SEO goals thereof. Ideally, the same SEO marketing strategies will not work all year long.

    Using black hat strategies

    Many years ago this practice worked. However now the only result of using black hat strategies is your site getting downgraded or banned from search engine results. If you overuse specific keywords in your content without Google will eventually find out and you’ll see your rankings drop. Instead, focus on related keywords that can be used interchangeably that are related in meaning.

    Not sharing on social media

    Even with high-quality content, will not get the attention it deserve unless you put an effort in promoting it. After you create your content, publish it on social media with link back to your post. Also posting multiple times and scheduing your posts can also improve the chances of more people seeing your post and are more likely come to your site to read it. Promoting all your content on social media should be a no brainer.

    Not creating long-form content

    This is similar to the mistake mentioned earlier regarding creating poor quality content. In today’s digital space, short-form content is clearly losing ground to long-form writing. SEO has become more about how engaged your audience is, and how long they stay on your site consuming your content. A short content will not get you as much attention as long-form articles. Google monitors how long people stay reading your content and if the users quickly leave, your site will likely lose its rankings. Instead of struggling with how to use up all your keywords in the copy without being too forward and unnatural about it, opt for long-form content.

    Ignoring internal links

    As much as it helps to earn links from other sites, you also need to focus on link building within your own website. The idea is to get both Google and your target audience to check more of your content when they get to your site. By creating and linking your other pages you encouraging others to explore your site and find related content they might be interested in.

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    Ineffective keyword research

    Ineffective keyword research can be a big problem resulting in no traffic to your blog and your site. The intent of keyword research is to get the right audience to find your content by getting to the top pages of search engine results. Without optimizing your content for proper keywords you’re drastically reducing your chances of the right people finding your pages.

    It’s true that even the most experienced marketing experts can make SEO mistakes. With SEO rules changing on a daily basis it’s crucial to learn and keep up with all the latest SEO development. It’s not uncommon to find that what worked perfectly well yesterday, today is no longer working and even worse you might even get penalized. By learning the rules and avoiding SEO mistakes we covered you’ll ensure your website continues to attract the traffic and show up on top of the search engine results.

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    INFOGRAPHIC: On-Page Off-Page SEO Checklist

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