Why Your Company Needs a Visual Style Guide (Infographic)

Why Your Company Needs a Visual Style Guide (Infographic)

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It’s crucial for every company to create and use a branding style guide. Branding is all about consistency and this guide ensures that all marketing materials and company collaterals stay true to brand’s goals and vision.

This is especially important when a company uses multiple designers or outsources its work.


So what is a branding guide style and what does it contain?

A typical brand style guide is a document containing the rules and guidelines for proper and consistent use of company visuals when creating all of a brand’s collaterals.

Style guide contains company mission statements and the summary of its core values, as well as the visual design elements of the brand. It provides rules on how to use company fonts and colors, as well as proper usage of logos.

Below are style guides created by some of the famous companies.

If you want to learn more,  Visme put together this helpful infographic about visual branding guide.

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