Why You Should Integrate Your Social Media Customer Care Channel With Your Business (Infographic)

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Why You Should Integrate Your Social Media Customer Care Channel With Your Business (Infographic)

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Social media integration when setting up your online presence is essential in the current business environment. For most brands, the idea of a well-planned social media campaign revolves around showcasing products and service, but rarely includes what social media is designed for: to be social. According to statistics and facts from Website builders, brands send out 23 promotional messages on average for every 1 response given to their audience.

Over 1/3 of all consumers prefer social media to a phone, live chat or email communications

Brand & Consumer Disconnect

This general market reflection represents a huge disconnect between brands and consumers. Brands seemingly are forgetting that a social media page represents the number one way to connect and stay relevant with their consumers. Furthermore, consumers are left feeling underappreciated by brands as their queries are going unanswered and they are bombarded with pitch after pitch that will simply not convert, due to lack of follow-up. For those savvy business owners looking to elevate above the competition, here is why social media customer care is the opportunity you have been waiting for.


Industry Statistics

The industry responds to just 12.9% of information demand from customers, and customers’ complaints only reach companies 5% of the time. Additionally, 80% of companies say they are providing exceptional customer care, while only 8% of their customers would agree. A perfect example is in the average response times by brands to a customer inquiry. 42% of customers who complain about social media expect a response within 1 hour, 32% within 30 minutes and 11% instantly; the current average response time of over 5 hours simply isn’t meeting the needs of consumers.

With over 1/3 of all consumers preferring social media to a phone, live chat or email communications and the trend growing faster than ever, a social media customer care strategy can equate to a huge increase in conversion, ROI, sales and customer loyalty. For those ready to meet the needs of their customers and rise above their competitors, a great place to start is these facts and statistics “The Rise of Social Media Customer Care”.

Infographic by Websitebuilder

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