Why Choosing a Right Domain Name for Your Website is So Important

Why Choosing a Right Domain Name for Your Website is So Important

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The domain name is the address that a user enters into a web browser to view your site. Most people who have their own sites think very little about the domain names. When you designed your site, you may have chosen a domain name based on the site’s name, the company name or even a random name. However, the domain name is not something that should be taken so lightly.

Domain Names Identify Your Site

The main function of a domain name is to make is easily identifiable to potential readers, customers or visitors in general. In essence, the domain name functions similarly to a person’s name, now, if two parents name their son John Smith, technically the son will have a name. However, he will also share this name with possibly tens of thousands of others. If the son wanted to people to remember him easily, a generic name like John Smith won’t do. Therefore, your domain name must be unique so your visitors don’t confuse your site with another. Also, if your two domain names sound too alike, it can even lead to intellectual property violations.


The Domain Name Identifies Your Location

The best and the most popular option is to choose .com domain extension for your website. However, if your target user base is location specific, you might want to choose location specific extension.  It helps search engines to redirect local users to your site over another located somewhere else. Now, you should also pay attention to domain extensions other than .com, also. For example, consider if .org or a .net domain extension might be more suitable for the needs and purposes of your website.

Domain Names Help SEO

Search engine optimization is very important to all websites to increase incoming traffic. One of the best ways to attract new users is by including SEO-friendly keywords in the domain name. For example, if your site publishes content about the history of England, using a keyword like “history England” in the domain name can make search engines rank your site higher for interested users. However, be careful when using keywords in the domain name. The upgraded Google algorithm could penalize your site if it’s stuffed with keywords. Use keywords wisely and strategically as always to avoid a spam warning.

A Good Domain Name Can Spell Success

Sometimes, all a site needs is a really good domain name. For example, consider a domain name like goop.com. It’s unique, easy to remember and piques interest. This domain name belongs to a highly successful luxury lifestyle business. If you also use your site to make money, you might want to consider brainstorming for a cool domain name like this. Here are the rules: it has to be short, simple, easy to remember, and cannot contain symbols like dashes or hyphens.

People can make a good first impression with a rare name. Likewise, an uncommon but highly practical domain name can get your site trending better than any marketing tactic. Follow the rules mentioned above to generate a great domain name for your site. If it’s bad now, seriously consider buying a new domain name.

Here are Few Great Sites to Help you Find a Perfect Domain Name

  • Namevine – Checks availability of internet domains, as well social media accounts.
  • Name Mesh – Generate ideas for social user names and check availability for free!
  • Business Name Generator – Generate business names and check domain availability instantly
  • Knowem – KnowEm allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name on multiple social networks.
  • NameCheckr – Check domain and social username availability across multiple networks.
  • Lean Domain Search – Find a great available domain name for your website in seconds.

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