What Is a Landing Page and Why They’re Important for Your Business?

What Is a Landing Page and Why They’re Important for Your Business?

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What Is a Landing Page?

A Landing page is a specific page designed for one specific reason and it’s to promote a specific product or service. You probably saw many landing pages on the web before. They usually are much less cluttered than a typical home page or regular website page. They may contain such elements as form, testimonials, a list of benefits, possibly an explanatory video or a graphic, clear call-to-action and possibly few other supporting elements.

Inspirational Landing Page Galleries

Need inspiration? Here are few landing page galleries you can browse to get you inspired.


Most businesses use landing pages to capture a visitor’s attention as well as request their information. Such pages will typically be straightforward, offering concise copy that seeks to peak the interest of the reader and encourage them to develop a relationship with the company. For some businesses, this may be a “Create an Account” signup or a “Request a Quote” form. For others, it may be something as simple as subscribing to an email newsletter.

Why is a Landing Page Important?

Many times, potential clients and customers will be able to find your landing page using social media ads or pay per click campaigns. Whether they are directed there from a banner ad, search engine result, or other links, you typically only have a few moments to catch their eye and encourage them to check out your site, service, or products more closely. In order to turn “quick click” traffic into an interested lead, businesses often create pages that clients are supposed to land into. When a visitor clicks, and is routed to that page, the businesses sales pitch or call to action and contact form are immediately available. Such pages will help a company get their message across quickly and provide a place to request information from their visitors. If the page is successful, the result is positive leads for the business.

Tips for Creating High Converting Landing Page

Need help creating landing page. Here is a great article listing Top Tools for Creating Winning Landing Pages (link)

• Be Creative, But Follow Guidelines: Landing page must be attractive and well designed in order to grab visitor attention.  Don’t be afraid to show some originality, however you might also want to stick to what works by studying well designed pages designed by marketing companies that have done a lot of testing and know what works and what doesn’t. You can find links to the landing page galleries on this page to find excellent examples of creative landing page design.

• Be Concise & To The Point: A landing page is not the place for lengthy company history, comprehensive product guides, or rambling on about anything. Content should be quick and easy to read, give a concise overview of “what’s in it” for the reader, and then finish with a call to action that encourages further development of the client/company relationship.

• Consider Multimedia: While multimedia may not be appropriate for every landing page, it can be an amazing tool to use. By embedding things like a short video presentation, images, or a slideshow, you may be able to explain the services better and also be more efficient at capturing user attention.

• Simplify Forms: When creating your form for your the landing page where clients land into, keep in mind that most visitors are busy, and will tend to avoid difficult signup procedures or lengthy forms. Make it simple, asking for only the minimum information at first. Once you have obtained this, you can use it to get more in depth information later on from the consumer if needed.

• Include a clear call to action: The main goal of the landing page is to force visitors to take the next step and is designed to provoke an immediate response. Whether it’s filling out the form, call or email or download the book, you need to make this very clear. Call to action needs to be placed prominently on the page, so people know exactly what they need to do.

• Make It Mobile. Since a lot of the traffic these days is coming from people using their phones, it’s likely your landing page will be viewed on mobile devices so it needs to be responsive and load very quickly. Otherwise, you will lose many visitors who simply will leave if the page is hard to see on their phone and it slow to load.

Follow these guidelines to ensure your landing page is well designed and can easily convert the visitors into leads by making them want to take the next step after looking through your landing page.

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Best Practices for Landing Page Design

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