Weekly Link Roundup. Week 4. Best Web Design and Marketing Links of The Week

Weekly Link Roundup. Week 4. Best Web Design and Marketing Links of The Week

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Online marketing and SEO are extremely important. In this issue of our weekly link roundup, you’ll find useful marketing links and tips to help you improve your website and blog visibility.
Also learn about Flexbox, what it is, why you should use it and how to apply it to your designs.

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SEO & Inbound Marketing Links


Web Design Links: Learning Flexbox

  • Is CSS Flexbox ready for prime time yet? – Great article on the use of Flexbox. Flexbox is quickly gaining popularity with web designers and for many good reasons. Learn about browser support for Flexbox and if you can finally use it in your designs.
  • A Complete Guide to Flexbox – If you do decide to learn Flexbox, here is an excellent guide from CSS Tricks to get you started.
  • Flexbox Cheat Sheet – If you’re looking for visual examples of how flexbox properties work, this page is a great page.
  • Free 20 Video Flexbox Course – This is a great beginner course covering basics of Flexbox. After finishing this course, you should be well versed on how Flexbox works and how to use it.
  • 20 Learning Resources to Master Flexbox – List of various online resources to help you master Flexbox.


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