Tweeterfeed is shutting down, now what? New time-saving social media automation tool.

social media automation tool

Tweeterfeed is shutting down, now what? New time-saving social media automation tool.

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The other day I received a sad email notifying me that tweeterfeed will be shutting down on October 31st.
I was bummed especially because I used Twitterfeed to repost all my latest posts to all my social media accounts.

If you’re not familiar with this service, Tweeterfeed allows you to connect your XML feed to all your social media accounts and publish your latest articles on social networks without having to go on each one and post manually. Automating your posts can save you a lot of time and I’ve been using Tweeterfeed to do just that for all my and my clients sites for a long time.


Twitterfeed was great. You were able to post to all the major social networks as well as connect multiple sites and feeds, all using one Tweeterfeed account. It required minimum effort and every time you post something, it would automatically get published on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn without any manual work on your part.

Unfortunately, the closing of Tweeterfeed meant the posts will no longer be reposted after Oct 31, 2016. So I needed to find another similar service to automation social media publishing.

Luckily, in the same email Twitterfeed included two links recommending similar services that can be used to replace their own. There is buffer, which I tried and didn’t like. Their free service doesn’t allow you to connect RSS feed and it’s somewhat limited for non-paid accounts. to the rescue. New social media automation tool for your social media toolbox.

However, the second service I tried, was much more promising and I liked what I saw. I found it easy to setup and very useful. It basically does the same thing as Twitterfeed, it automatically shares new content from your rss feed, the moment it’s published. For a free account, you are limited to only three social media networks, which in most cases will suffice. Set up is very easy and similar to Tweeterfeed (see video below). After you create a new account, all you need to do is add your XML feed and link to 3 social media networks and as soon as you publish your post, it will be automatically pushed to your social networks you connected. That’s it.

Bonus Feature: also allows you to add other sources and feeds so you can curate and publish other intresting content to your social media accounts automatically by importing other xml feeds . So if you only publish few articles but want your social media updated more frequently you can add related feeds of the sites you like and it will post the latest articles coming from those sources on your networks as well.

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