Top Online Marketing Tactics That Never Go Out Of Style (Infographic)

Top Online Marketing Tactics That Never Go Out Of Style (Infographic)

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The role of SEO and online marketing has evolved exponentially in the last few years. SEO changes almost on a monthly basis these days, and every time Google comes up with new algorithm change almost on a monthly basis. As the result, online marketers have to make scramble and make adjustments to their websites to ensure they won’t fall off the search engine radar.

It’s becoming harder and harder to keep up with all the latest updates, but there are strategies one can use that never go out of favor with major search engines, no matter what new algorithm change google throws at you.


On-page Optimization

One strategy that still as important today as it was in the beginning, is on-page SEO. Of course, some on-page optimization rules have been updated, but overall optimizing your page strategy is always essential when it comes to improving your website results. It’s important to go through each page and make sure all tags are there and all pieces of content labeled correctly, h1, bolded text, h2 tags, alt tags for images, etc. There should be a clear hierarchy of h1 and h2 tags with h1 tags only being used once. Of course, titles are the most important element on the page and should be optimized carefully. It doesn’t hurt to add meta tags but they’re not as important as they used to be, so don’t spend as much time on optimizing them.

Optimizing content for Long Tail Keywords

One thing that can improve your website performance is doing searches and utilizing long-tail keywords and phrases. You won’t be able to rank very high for keywords such as “mortgage” or “insurance” since there are millions of sites that try compete and rank for those. However, you can figure out what keywords your potential clients or users might type into search engine to find your products or services and optimize your website for those longer terms. If you’re a broker, keywords like, “mortgage broker nyc, ny mortgage broker” will be more specific and targeted than broader keywords that you have a very little chance of ranking highly for. You must do research and try to figure out how many people search for these keywords and how competitive they are and if they pass your scrutiny, you’ll need to incorporate these keywords into your pages, aiming for one to two keywords or phrases per page.

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Frequently Updated Content

Another part of online marketing that will help your SEO efforts and will boost the traffic to your website is adding a lot of useful content. Any content such as blogs, infographics, white papers, ebooks will get noticed by Google and will be a good source of visitors who, if they find this content useful, will share it with others resulting in more visits and leads. Ideally, content should be frequently updated and not Google tends to favor a longer type of content.

Finally, don’t forget to add social media sharing buttons to each post, so people can easily share the post with others.

These are just few strategies that have always worked and will likely work for a long time. Using these tactics will ensure your website will stay more competitive despite all the algorithm changes introduced by google.

As you can see, despite SEO drastic changes in recent years, there are certain SEO and online tactics that will never go out of style. By following these basic rules and having you will ensure your website will stay competitive in search engine results.

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