Top 50+ WordPress Website Maintenance Tips [Infographic]

best wordpress tips infographic

Top 50+ WordPress Website Maintenance Tips [Infographic]

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Creating an awesome website might have become easier, thanks to WordPress. However, ensuring that the same website remains awesome for a long-term requires a lot of work. Having an online presence for your business is a great responsibility and if you have started to notice issues like high bounce rate or lower CTRs then it is probably because you have been neglecting your website’s daily upkeep and maintenance.

Maintaining your website is crucial, in order to ensure that your site is easily accessible to search engines as well users. Plus, a well-maintained website helps boost your brand’s credibility and bolster trust & confidence in your customers.


Now, you can either hire a web design agency to take care of your site’s maintenance or you could simply follow this comprehensive guide and do the job yourself. This well-researched guide provides you with top 50+ WordPress website maintenance tips that’ll help you to effectively maintain and secure your website.

Some of the website maintenance tasks that you need to undertake are:

1. Checking your site’s page speed and download time.
2. Monitoring your site 24/7 for any security threats.
3. Regularly backing up your website and database.
4. Optimizing images, media files and on-page SEO factors.
5. Checking your web hosting resources, to avoid downtime.
6. Clearing out spam comments and trash.
7. Deleting unnecessary WordPress plugins, widgets and themes.
8. Monitoring your website analytics and tracking results.
9. Checking your site’s affiliate links, contact form and email opt-in form.
10. Validating your website via W3C Markup validation service.

The below infographic has covered all these and more aspects of website maintenance. Plus, it offers you solutions on how to fix any issue efficiently. Thus, check out this infographic now to know what are the basics website maintenance tasks that you need to undertake, in order to optimize your website.

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist (Infographic) – 50+ Essential Tips & Practices by the team at

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

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