The Use of Mobile Devices To View Videos on YouTube (Infographic)

The Use of Mobile Devices To View Videos on YouTube (Infographic)

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YouTube is an internet phenomenon and it seems that many of us simply can’t get enough of the incredible number of videos that are available on the site for us to view. A growing number of subscribers now use a mobile device to view the content and this method of viewing YouTube has grown by more than 30% in the last three years.

In fact, the figures show that 40% of all YouTube traffic in the U.S alone comes from mobile devices and 25% of all their subscribers throughout the world also use a mobile to access the site and view content.

This infographic not only takes a look at how our browsing habits are changing but also provides some tips and hints on how to help you view mobile videos on your phone or tablet, if you come across some of the common technical issues, that many of us do from time to time when trying to access a YouTube video.

With so many different devices available from tablets to mobiles, it is not really surprising that some technical glitches and viewing problems are going to happen. Many access issues and app crashing problems can be resolved if you know how to navigate your way around them.

Leaving you free to join the ever ­increasing number of people watching YouTube on the go.

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Graphic provide by You Tube Downloader


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