Statistically proven ways to improve your email delivery rates (Infographic)

Improve Email Delivery

Statistically proven ways to improve your email delivery rates (Infographic)

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Creating a beautiful email is just one step to having your email subscribers enjoy the content you worked so hard to develop. But having a well designed email or newsletter doesn’t  guarantee your subscribers will actually get to see it. There are many obstacles you must overcome before your newsletter actually gets delivered to your list of subscribers.

In order for your readers to receive your email in their inbox, you must follow specific rules and guidelines to ensure it doesn’t get categorized as spam, never to be seen or read by any of the peope you intended to reach.


Some techniques are obvious, like not buying emails from email rental list companies and spamming random people using emails you found on the web. Other techniques are less obvious, like including unsubscribe link that email clients can spot or embedding java script and other type of scripts that email software can flag as malicious and thus forcing your email into the spam folder. Google and other popular email clients are becoming better and better in differentiating the emails that do not follow spam laws  from the ones that do, so you need to make sure you familiarize yourself with all these rules and use them diligently so your emails make it into the email boxes of your subscribers.

Before you send your email or newsletter out, check out this infographic with some statistically backed tips that list some of the do’s and don’ts you need to follow to help your emails make it into the inbox, rather than end up in the dreaded SPAM folder.

The Dos and Don’ts of Email Delivery

From Visually.

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