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How much does a regular website cost? It depends. How complex is your site? How many pages does it require? Are you planning on selling products and need e-commerce integration? All these factors will impact the final price of the project. However, we try to work with all budgets and the majority of our work is priced between $1500 and $3,000 for a regular WordPress website.

Below are web design packages that show general pricing for website management and custom website design and development of a fully functional, seo friendly website.

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Website Design Cost & Pricing Packages

(Please note these prices are approximate and will change depending on the amount of planning and research required, number of revisions, complexity of web design and other similar factors. Contact us for a more accurate quote).

BasicMost Popular
$1200 - $1800
Typical delivery is 1-4 weeks after order
10% initial deposit might be required
1-10 pages
Static, Wordpress or Drupal Theme
Free consultation
1-2 Form
Tech Support (1 Month)
* Note: Premium Theme Is Priced Seperately
$1800 - $2500
Typical delivery is 1-6 weeks after order
10% initial deposit might be required
10-20 pages
Wordpress or Drupal Theme
Free Consultation
Multiple Forms
CMS (Drupal/WordPress)
Tech Support (1 Month)
SEO Optimized
* Note: Premium Theme Price Not Included
$2,500 & up
Typical delivery is 1-8 weeks after order
10% initial deposit might be required
20 - 30 pages
Custom Website Design
Free Consultation
Unlimited Forms
CMS (Drupal/WordPress)
Tech Support (3 Months)
SEO Optimized
E-Commerce Option
Other Advanced Features
*Note: Premium Theme Not Included
Hourly Rates
starting $50an hour
Base Retainer Options
Free Consultation
Available through Video & Skype
$40/hour for 10 or more hours of work
1-2 Days Turnaround Time
General Website Updates
Wordpress Fixes and Upkeep
Any type of content: Graphics, HTML, CSS
SEO & Social Media Management
Broken Link Checking & On-Page Optimization
Free Analytics Setup & Reporting
U.S.A based support

Tell us about your project and we’ll let you know which web design package would be the most suitable.