Poll: What Is Your Favorite Project Management Software

Poll: What Is Your Favorite Project Management Software

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Project management tools are essential when you’re working on a project. It’s especially true if you work with others or on a team. There are many excellent tools to choose from. Basecamp has been around and it’s a great option if you’re don’t paying a small monthly fee. Other tools like Trello allows you to see and plan your project visually. I personally prefer Asana, which has boards and tons of other features that help me manage my projects.

Here are The Best Project Management Software of 2017 according to PC Mag


We want to get your input and see what project management software you and your co-workers like and use. Please vote. If the project management app you’re using is not on the list, please use comments below to let us know so we can add it to this poll. Thank you for voting.

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