Marketing Tip: How Much Text to Include on Your Home Page (INFOGRAPHIC)

Marketing Tip: How Much Text to Include on Your Home Page (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Did you ever wonder how much content you should include on your home page to make it SEO friendly and informative without making it look too cluttered?

One of the most important reasons your home page exists is to clearly convey the purpose or the goal of your business. People have a very limited attention span and you a have only a few seconds to capture their attention. That is why the copy on your homepage must be very clear and easy to understand.


You want the visitors to your homepage to be able to find all the information quickly and easily. To help them you must make all content on your home page easily scannable. This can be done by displaying clear headlines and sub-headlines,  using bullet points and dividing content into smaller sections.

You must also include a clear call to action so visitors who come to your page know exactly what to do next after visiting your page. Some of the call to action you might include is to have them subscribe to your newsletter, sign up to receive a free quote, or call you to inquire about your services.

Take a look at the infographic  from Quicksprout that will explain in more detail how much content you should include on your home page.


How Much Copy Should You Write on Your Homepage?
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


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