Link Building. Why Links Are Still Relevant for Website SEO

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Link Building. Why Links Are Still Relevant for Website SEO

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What Is Link Building and Why It’s Important?

Link building has always been an important part of search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Your website reputation depended on how many other sites were linking to you and this signaled Google that your site is popular which lead to higher rankings and better search engine position. As the matter of fact, it used to be the foundation block and one of the most important factors when it came to ranking by Google.

Unfortunately many webmasters caught on and it resulted with all kinds of black hat SEO strategies being implemented to trick search engines. Some of these techniques included proliferation of link farms and fake web sites, as well as tons of other strategies that now are penalized by Google and can even get you completely banned if you were found to practice them.

Is Link Building Dead?

So does this mean link building is dead? Absolutely not.
SEO and SEM environment has changed dramatically in the last few years and it keeps changing on a daily basis, but link building, still plays an important role when it comes higher rankings and search engine positioning.

Links coming from other sites, still influence the way Google adjust its search engine results. However Google is now much more selective in picking winners and losers based on what sites are linking to them. No longer it accepts just any link. Links that really count, must come from popular, well established sites. There are many factors that Google looks at before deciding which links matter the most and which should be ignored or even penalized for.

Whether you have a brand new website or a well established online brand, you have to constantly work on getting backlinks from well known websites. Top SEO experts like Neil Patel and Brian Dean always point out that in order for your website to succeed you need to do at least two things well. First, you must be able to create great content and second, you must be able to get valuable links back to your website.

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